GMP and Other Discussion for Taylormade Renewables Ltd

Taylormade-Renewables-Ltd-IPOAbout Taylormade Renewables Ltd (TRL)
Taylormade Renewables Ltd (TRL) is an ISO 9001-2008 registered Company and is promoted by First Generation Entrepreneurs having the Worlds most experienced team in Solar Thermal technology. The primary objective is to provide Solar Thermal Parabolic Concentrators for various thermal applications using Parabolic Concentrators as a competitive, non-subsidized source of Energy.

??The team of Taylormade Renewables Ltd (TRL) is having Experience and Knowledge of installing various Solar Applications for more than 15 years. Company have experience in various applications like Cooking, Heating, Air-conditioning, Process heat, Producing steam, Heating of Thermic fluid for various applications, Pressurized hot water and many more.

The company also manufactures one of the best in class Biomass Cook stoves, solar dryers, solar box cookers and solar dish cookers.

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