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S S Infrastructure Project Consultants Pvt Ltd IPOSSIPCPL ( S. S. Infrastructure Project Consultants Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad - An ISO 9001 - 2008 Certified Company ) is providing Consultancy Services in the field of civil, structural, architectural, interior design, electrical, air conditioning and project management services for industrial, commercial, institutional and residential buildings, roads and other infrastructural services.
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admin Apr 12 2018 9:40:19 AM
Friend's if you have any query always asks to register if they don't response properly go for sebi. sebi have a special website for it. we are investor and they should have priority us. positing comment just come thought in my mind from @naresh rajgore comment.

admin Apr 12 2018 9:06:30 AM
congratulation @second naresh 😊, listing will be today as per schedule. you will get good profit.

admin Apr 12 2018 8:59:09 AM
@Naresh, you can ask register about this.

Naresh Apr 11 2018 7:59:58 PM
2/8 , ☺️,. Any idea of listing date} , some days tomorrow or some on 13 ..Pls confirm if any confirm details

Rajendra Mundhra Apr 11 2018 4:32:27 PM
ZERO allotment out of FIVE.... Really Disappointed

Rajendra Mundhra Apr 11 2018 4:32:18 PM
ZERO allotment out of FIVE.... Really Disappointed

Naresh Rajgor Apr 7 2018 3:22:42 PM
Dear Admin, I would like to know that if we submitted application, can we know the status of the application, whether its accepted by exchange or not? Is there any link or website to know application status, bcs my 2 application show the status as pending. so i wants to confirm whether accepted by exchange or not?

admin Apr 5 2018 9:33:39 PM
Very good subscription. Good response from FII and MF.

Harish Goel Apr 5 2018 5:29:15 PM
Will ROCK at listing ! Hope 4 Minimum 44 list price!

kapil Apr 5 2018 4:57:29 PM
total shares reserved for rii is 14,42,000 so its already subscribed by almost 9times

Naresh Rajgor Apr 5 2018 4:31:20 PM
applied 7,hope 1 -2 application will be allotted.

Rajendra Mundhra Apr 5 2018 4:28:23 PM
Good Subscription after a long time All the Best to All Applicants

admin Apr 5 2018 2:42:18 PM
@Naresh, with MF and FII investment boots ths IPO.

Rajendra Mundhra Apr 5 2018 2:29:19 PM
Now Mutual Fund Invested

Naresh Rajgor Apr 5 2018 2:18:04 PM
Now Whats your call and how much application i would like to apply for this ipo..means if good then i can apply more application.

admin Apr 5 2018 12:52:00 PM
@naresh, wait for 2 PM issue is good.. already FII invested..

Naresh Rajgor Apr 5 2018 12:36:31 PM
Admin Whats your call?

Rajendra Mundhra Apr 5 2018 12:13:28 PM
Looks Nice & Reasonable Priced Issue ...

VJ Apr 5 2018 11:38:18 AM
Interesting to see sub figures today. GMP 5k