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Akshar Spintex Limited IPO

Akshar Spintex Limited takes immense pride in perceiving its role as the comprehensive architect of every single yarn that produces. It is this demand for perfection that has spurred the growth of an organization and its corporate philosophy.

Akshar Spintex Limited have total 24,480 spindles with annual production 6000 MT in cotton yarn for our count range is 16’s to 44’s Ne contamination Controlled auto coned carded, semi comed and combed mill with all latest German and Japanese technology machineries.

Because of increased demand of value added quality yarns the Akshar Spintex Limited company has decided to increase the capacity of value added yarn, the company has decided to make Slub yarn, Core yarn, TFO(Doubling) yarn, Eli Twist yarn, Fancy yarn, Melange yarn, Blended yarn, BCI and Organic Certified yarn.


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Yogesh Ahir May 6 2018 2:07:41 PM
Admin ji akshar spintex ki listening kaisi lag Rahi ha?

admin May 3 2018 1:43:44 PM
After SoftTech I suggest to Akshar.

Naresh Rajgor May 3 2018 12:42:47 PM
Dear Admin, what is your suggestion after softtech, akshar or us biotech/ which one better to apply?

admin May 3 2018 8:11:11 AM
Agree with @Naresh Rajgor, Thanks for posting your suggestion.

Naresh Rajgor May 2 2018 4:53:39 PM
Softtech always first preferance.chances of allottment hard in softtech. Tomorrow may be subscribe more than 15-20 times...But sure, if alloted, will get good return.

Akash May 2 2018 4:49:59 PM
Softteck has better subscription than akshar so which to be applied? Akshar or softteck?

admin May 2 2018 2:22:22 PM
Agree with @VJ, Yes @Yudi. subscription figure is good.

VJ May 2 2018 12:10:32 PM
Panthomath is LM of Akshar which means its definitely an APPLY and now sub figures are also good. APPLY AKSHAR

Yudi May 2 2018 11:55:28 AM
@Admin, Subscription figures of Akshar Spintex looks better than Dhruv Consultancy. Will you suggest to go with Akshar instead of Dhruv?

admin May 1 2018 8:39:08 AM
Apply in below order 1) Softtech Engg 2) Dhruv Concultancy 3) Akshar Spintex 4) Godha Cabcon (Not good IPO) First look subscription figure and then only apply.

VJ Apr 30 2018 11:32:45 AM
looks goood