Rossari Biotech Ltd IPO GMP

Rossari Biotech Ltd	 Incorporated in 2009, Rossari Biotech Ltd is a manufacturer of textiles specialty chemicals. It provides customized solutions to the apparel, animal & poultry feed, and FMCG industries by offering a diversified product portfolio. Rossari Biotech operates in 18 countries including India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, and Mauritius.

As per the F&S Report published on 30th Sept 2019, it is the largest textile specialty chemical manufacturer in India. The business of the company can be classified into three main categories which are textile specialty chemicals; animal health & nutrition products; and home, personal care & performance chemicals. The company has 1,948 different products range under these three categories.

Most of the products of the company are manufactured in-house. It has a manufacturing unit located at Silvassa, Dadra & Nagar Haveli with an installed capacity of 100,000 MTPA. The company is also setting up a manufacturing unit at Dahej in Gujarat with an installed capacity of 132,500 MTPA. Rossari Biotech also has two R&D facilities in Silvassa and Mumbai locations to focus on new product development, formulations, and cost competitiveness. It has more than 194 distributors across India and 27 distributors spread in other 17 countries

Below are Details of Grey Market Premium (GMP) and Kostak Rate of Rossari Biotech Ltd IPO.Please note GMP is only work when subscription figure is high.Always looks for subscription figure before looking to Grey Market Premium (GMP).Grey Market Premium (GMP) may go up or down depend on Subscription figure.Subscription figure is available on Home page for main line IPO and SME page for SME IPO.

IdGrey Market PremiumKostak RateRate Date
1263165-170 RsNILL22 Jul 2020
1260150-160 rs800 rs21 Jul 2020
1259150-160 rs800 rs20 Jul 2020
1257140-155 Rs800 Rs17 Jul 2020
1256140-150 Rs400 Rs16 Jul 2020
1252110-130 Rs400 Rs15 Jul 2020
1251110-130 Rs400 Rs14 Jul 2020
1250120-130 Rs400 Rs13 Jul 2020
1249100-115 Rs400 Rs12 Jul 2020
1248110-120 Rs400 Rs10 Jul 2020

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aaa Aug 8 2021 10:33:46 PM

Anuj Jul 23 2020 10:35:13 AM
Bumper listing.........

Anu Jul 21 2020 10:23:23 PM
@admin what to do on listig day? Book listing gain or keep for long term?

Kalpesh Jul 21 2020 4:29:48 PM it is showing the alloaction now ..check

Mahesh Kumar Jul 21 2020 2:13:40 PM
SBI HDFC BANK Kotak ICICI aur CENTRAL BANK OF INDIA mae allotment start ho gae.

Rakesh Jul 21 2020 2:09:30 PM
Jisko allotment nahi hau hai wo ab negative news felaenge ki gap down mae listing hogi. Corono hai etc... Aur wo hi log kam price mae listing din buy karenge. Bummer listing hogi kyuki company achhi hai aur subscription zyada hai in today's situation mae.

Anuj Jul 21 2020 2:03:05 PM
Got allotment message and email from kotak bank.

pradeep Jul 21 2020 12:06:53 PM
sab bakwas hai abhi korona jyada fella to sab lising mines may ho jaygi hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

admin Jul 21 2020 8:17:23 AM
Today allotment should be available.

admin Jul 21 2020 8:17:10 AM
GMP is steady. you can view in IPO gmp section.

admin Jul 21 2020 8:15:26 AM
@Sandeep, it should be unblocked today.

admin Jul 21 2020 8:14:40 AM
@s jayasankar, Application wise subacription : 5.28X So each 5.28 one should get the allotment.

ajesh pujari Jul 20 2020 10:52:59 PM
By when can we expect to know the allotment status?

s jayasankar Jul 20 2020 7:39:36 PM
Why nobody furnishes number of bids i.e, number of applications received in retail investors to get an idea of allotment. In the present case, if the total number of applications are less than 116765, all retail investors should get a minimum allotment of 35 shares but cunningly, they never publish

Rakesh Jul 20 2020 4:38:44 PM
Latest GMP please

Sandeep Jul 17 2020 11:53:42 PM
Maine zerodha a/c se 1lot ka bid lagaya tha rossari biotech bid me mendate process bhi complete hoga gya tha(payment block)... bad me maine galti se kuch der bad zerodha a/c se bid ko delete kar diya.... Kya mujhe koi bata sakta h mera payment jo bank me block h wo wapas kab tak milega???

Sandeep Jul 17 2020 11:53:42 PM
Maine zerodha a/c se 1lot ka bid lagaya tha rossari biotech bid me mendate process bhi complete hoga gya tha(payment block)... bad me maine galti se kuch der bad zerodha a/c se bid ko delete kar diya.... Kya mujhe koi bata sakta h mera payment jo bank me block h wo wapas kab tak milega???

Ipo special Jul 17 2020 8:33:40 PM
Dhamaka hoga

RAHUL SOOD Jul 17 2020 9:51:54 AM
@admin: Thank you for the advice to hold.

admin Jul 16 2020 4:49:09 PM
Application wise subacription : 5.28X

admin Jul 16 2020 4:46:13 PM
GMP is very good... Increased after bumper subscription.. Best of luck all.

Rakesh Jul 16 2020 3:53:36 PM
App.wise details please admin sir

IPO King Jul 16 2020 3:46:09 PM
@Kalpesh Please note market does believe in herd mentality. It does what is unexpected. So agree with you that SBI Cards failed to provide what was expected out of it due to market conditions does not mean that history repeats itself. Yes market sentiment needs to be good for a decent listing. Going by what is condition right now, conditions may not go worse atleast if not improve.

Kalpesh Jul 16 2020 3:29:24 PM
Bumper subscription = bumper listing Plz. Remember SBI CARD record break subscription & listing

Rakesh Jul 16 2020 2:19:13 PM
GMP update please

admin Jul 15 2020 7:53:39 PM
@Rahul, if you have money you can hold it. It is good comapny.

RAHUL SOOD Jul 15 2020 6:32:41 PM
Should hold after bumper listing or should go for selling to take listing gain? Please suggest.

admin Jul 15 2020 5:48:20 PM
At the time of listing if market condition is good then we will see bumper listing

HR CHaurasia Jul 15 2020 5:04:37 PM
Good Subscription but Listing gain depends on COVID 19 performance.

JRD Jul 15 2020 2:29:29 PM
Jackpot Listing @ 600 expected, Premium will go up to 300

IPO King Jul 15 2020 1:57:24 PM
Bumper subscription = Bumper Listing Expected. Subject to must go as high as 200 atleast. Retailers apply blindly.

Arpan Jul 15 2020 12:50:30 PM

Anuj Jul 15 2020 10:12:11 AM
Apply bindass.... Listing on gain.

admin Jul 15 2020 8:59:33 AM
GMP is steady. GMP may increase or decrease after 2 PM subscription figure.

admin Jul 14 2020 4:59:31 PM
GMP is good.. Company is good.. And up to now subscription also good. One should consider for long term

Anuj Jul 14 2020 3:48:32 PM
I believe the company has a great potential because it has a Diversified product portfolio, Well-known textile specialty chemical manufacturer in India ....great In-house manufacturing unit and the expansion of manufacturing capacity would increase the production efficiency and economies of scale. I would definitely apply for this IPO.....Fairly Value....

Vikram Jul 14 2020 2:14:13 PM
What is today GMP of Rossari Biotech Ltd. IPO

Kalpesh Jul 14 2020 11:29:21 AM
@ admin Thanks for answer Your view for yes bank FPO ?

Reliance1531 Jul 14 2020 10:56:54 AM
Dear Admin, Please update today's GMP...........

admin Jul 13 2020 6:57:51 PM
@Kalpesh, As per my study it is not involve in non-veg product but yes it is deal with animal health & nutrition products.

Kalpesh Jul 13 2020 6:12:48 PM
@admin Rossari is producing any non-veg product

Kalpesh Jul 13 2020 3:39:21 PM
Yes bank FPO ?

anuj Jul 13 2020 12:10:48 PM
Include Yes Bank Ltd FPO. And other SME IPO.

admin Jul 13 2020 9:25:06 AM
IPO is good for long term. For short term please look at the subscription and only apply if it is too good. IPO is already price cover. In case of less subscription will not give much profit.

admin Jul 13 2020 9:22:11 AM
@Anu, Sorry was busy with my regular work.

Anu Jul 13 2020 12:02:48 AM
Admin pls start your telegram channel so direct contact with you can be possible. Nowdays many people are operating telegram to give tips

Anu Jul 13 2020 12:01:08 AM
Waiting for you to update gmp from last so many days. Finally updated. Thanks