Chemcon Speciality Chemicals Limited IPO GMP

Chemcon Speciality Chemicals Limited IPO  

 CHEMCON is an ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015 certified company.

 Plant is located in Manjusar near Vadodara in the state of Gujarat, Western   India

 One of the reliable partners for Completion Brines and the largest manufacturer  of calcium bromide in India in calendar year 2019.
CHEMCON are an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certified company for the “Manufacture and supply of Pharmaceutical Intermediates, Silanes and Oilfield Chemicals”. Our manufacturing facility is located at Manjusar near Vadodara in Gujarat.

CHEMCON are a manufacturer of specialised chemicals, such as HMDS and CMIC which are predominantly used in the pharmaceuticals industry and inorganic bromides, namely Calcium Bromide, Zinc Bromide and Sodium Bromide, which are predominantly used as completion fluids in the oilfields industry. We were the only manufacturer of HMDS in India and were the third largest manufacturer of HMDS worldwide in terms of production in the calendar year 2019 (source: Frost & Sullivan Report). We were the largest manufacturer of CMIC in India and the second largest manufacturer of CMIC worldwide, in terms of production and capacity in calendar year 2019 (source: Frost & Sullivan Report). Further, we were the only manufacturer of Zinc Bromide and the largest manufacturer of Calcium Bromide in India, in terms of production in calendar year 2019 (source: Frost & Sullivan Report).

Expertise in these industries and the knowhow enable us to grow rapidly on international markets as well.


Below are Details of Grey Market Premium (GMP) and Kostak Rate of Chemcon Speciality Chemicals Limited IPO.Please note GMP is only work when subscription figure is high.Always looks for subscription figure before looking to Grey Market Premium (GMP).Grey Market Premium (GMP) may go up or down depend on Subscription figure.Subscription figure is available on Home page for main line IPO and SME page for SME IPO.

IdGrey Market PremiumKostak RateRate Date
1324390-400 Rs(SS :- 15000)30 Sep 2020
1323390-400 Rs 500 Rs29 Sep 2020
1311300-310 Rs- (SS : 10,000)28 Sep 2020
1310300-310 Rs-25 Sep 2020
1302245-250 Rs300 Rs24 Sep 2020
1299220-230 Rs750 Rs23 Sep 2020
1296245-250 Rs750 Rs22 Sep 2020
1293225-230 Rs600 Rs21 Sep 2020
1290205-210 Rs 550 Rs18 Sep 2020
1286205-210 Rs550 Rs17 Sep 2020

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admin Oct 5 2020 8:06:34 AM
@Sandipan, If allotment not done you will get unblocked your amount. If not you can contact registar.

Sandipan machindra lawand Oct 3 2020 2:17:30 PM
Ipo not received in my demat account and not refund money in my bank account

Satyanarayana soma Oct 1 2020 10:58:39 AM
I want to know the allotment status

Akshay Dattatray Mandhare Sep 29 2020 1:03:47 PM

MANISH Sep 29 2020 12:55:52 PM
How can I sell my applocation in Kostak

admin Sep 29 2020 10:31:31 AM
GMP is rocking. Latest GMP updated in IPO GMP section.

Harsh Sahu Sep 29 2020 1:04:48 AM
Hey i want to sell my application in KOSTAK anyone available?

Tejas V Sep 28 2020 11:47:34 PM
I got a message from HDFC about debit of amount for chemcon allotment. 1Lot around 10pm

Abhay Sep 28 2020 8:01:26 PM
please confirm when camcon and cams ipo allotment done

IPO King Sep 28 2020 4:50:31 PM
Arihant, it is Subjecto to Sauda i.e. if you sell your application in SS now and later if shares are allotted to you, you will get 10000 irrespective of listing day settlement price from application buyer. Hope it is clear now.

Arihant Jain Sep 28 2020 10:43:00 AM
Admin please can you explain what does ss:10000 in kostak rate means.

SANTOSH MISHRA Sep 28 2020 9:36:33 AM

Jimi Shah Sep 28 2020 12:08:48 AM
Nice Updates

Kanu Sep 27 2020 7:32:02 PM
Please update

ABHISHEK ZARGAR Sep 26 2020 8:32:04 PM

admin Sep 25 2020 11:19:23 PM
Solid GMP on Friday. Superb Listing if market in positive next week. Best of luck all.

Arihant Jain Sep 25 2020 2:20:55 PM
Admin please update latest gmp

Ashish Gupta Sep 25 2020 12:27:19 PM
bhai 17 me 1 mila tha aur ek parichit ko 48 me 0

Hahaha Sep 24 2020 3:04:33 PM
Cams and chemcon k total 24 applications ho gaye aaj mere.... Maja aagaya Ab kam se kam 5 milne ki sambhawna

admin Sep 23 2020 8:41:34 PM
Total No.of Application Approx : 2276310 Retail Subscription on the basis of Apps : 30.50 times

Eagleye Sep 23 2020 6:48:42 PM
CHEMCON Chemical IPO GMP 325 +/- 2 Kostak 475+/- 25 ✳✳✳✳✳✳ CAMS IPO GMP 320 +/- 2 Kostak 950 +/- 25 ✳✳✳✳✳ *To join our WhatsApp group send your name and city on our WhatsApp number 9122182978* Only WhatsApp

admin Sep 23 2020 5:29:41 PM
Hey why to worry. HNI and QIB make more research before investment. they invest lot of money. we retail have a very less to invest.. see subscription figure. this will defiantly give good return. only condition depend on market.

admin Sep 23 2020 5:27:23 PM
Total No.of Application Approx : 2239124 Retail Subscription on the basis of Apps : 30.00 times

Naresh Sep 23 2020 5:03:20 PM
15000+ profit

Avinash Sep 23 2020 4:41:40 PM
I checked the given site given by the (fake or real) admin. But I don't know it's real or fake. But the news describes clearly. What to do any one clearly suggest. Please

ACHROL Sep 23 2020 4:36:50 PM
listing gain 450-500

ACHROL Sep 23 2020 4:36:00 PM
Well Said IPO King, just ignore jealous people.

Deepak Sep 23 2020 4:33:10 PM
Well Said IPO King, just ignore jealous people.

IPO King Sep 23 2020 4:05:32 PM
Fake Admin with fake news. Are those HNI & QIB idiots to subscribe 450 & 125 times for a bad issue?

IPO King Sep 23 2020 4:05:24 PM
Fake Admin with fake news. Are those HNI & QIB idiots to subscribe 450 & 125 times for a bad issue?

DrChoudhary Sep 23 2020 3:59:05 PM
Thank you.......admin

Kalplesh Patil Sep 23 2020 3:21:08 PM
Delete application s?

DrChoudhary Sep 23 2020 3:20:03 PM
Phir se koi farzi admin to nahi aagaya. Hard to believe admin

admin Sep 23 2020 2:28:06 PM
@2:25 Total No.of Application Approx : 1887850 Retail Subscription on the basis of Apps : 25.30 times.

admin Sep 23 2020 2:23:20 PM
I have deleted useless comment from the Dummy "Admin" user. Apply with full force. full force means all retail account. Please ignore other admin comment after this. I am outside country. I will provide retail wise subscription today night. Thank you. Happy bidding.

admin Sep 23 2020 2:10:30 PM
Please ignore commemt with admin. Someone stupid and fool people making it. Some people are too much selfish. They always misuse system. Soon i will introduce to control it. Thank you. Go ahead with retail full force.

Mayank Kumar Sep 23 2020 1:33:20 PM
Bumper listing. Apply with full force.

Kalplesh Patil Sep 23 2020 11:51:32 AM
How much gain expected from chemcon

mahesh Sep 23 2020 10:58:41 AM
Dear admin, please display ipo details like "Min lot", "Price range" beside Bid details table. It will be easy for us. otherwise we always need to switch pages...

admin Sep 23 2020 10:46:06 AM
Better Skip all Ipo's allotment chances are zero.

admin Sep 23 2020 7:40:17 AM
On 21 Sep Closing :- Total No.of Application Approx : 1255867 Retail Subscription on the basis of Apps : 16.83 times

admin Sep 23 2020 7:31:15 AM
@Avinash, must apply in this ipo. and CAMs will depend on market condition. If you have some risk taker then go Ahead with CAMS also.

admin Sep 23 2020 2:20:57 AM
Apply with full force. GMP is updated in IPO GMP section.

Kalplesh Patil Sep 22 2020 9:46:54 PM
How much gmp on chemcon ipo

Avinash Sep 22 2020 7:52:51 PM
Then apply or not. IN CAMS IPO. admin suggest please.

admin Sep 21 2020 6:45:45 PM
All three IPO's are good if market condition is good. Some ppl are misuse platform.

Jpgandhinagar Sep 21 2020 1:56:43 PM
Try to avoid ANGEL. I said just try to avoid but wait. CAMCON LOTTERY, CAMS More chance to get allotment but fair return due to market condition. Apply your brain

NAARESSH Sep 21 2020 1:21:27 PM

admin Sep 21 2020 10:30:54 AM
@Naresh, Apoly all three ipos. All are good.

Naresh Sep 20 2020 11:35:11 PM
Dear admin, what is your openion on all three ipo? And specially angle broking... So confusion in that..

Mayank Kumar Sep 18 2020 5:49:20 PM

Raja Sep 18 2020 2:22:58 PM
@admin angel broking also coming on 22 sept. Pls add

admin Sep 18 2020 8:32:48 AM
Latest GMP updated in IPO GMP section