Indian Railway Finance Corporation Limited IPO GMP

Indian Railway Finance Corporation Limited IPO

Incorporated in 1986, the Indian Railway Finance Corporation (IRFC) is a public-sector enterprise that is wholly-owned by the Government of India. IRFC is primarily engaged in financing the acquisition of rolling stock assets, leasing of railway infrastructure assets, and lending to entities under the Ministry of Railways (MoR). Being the borrowing arm of Indian Railways, IRFC is responsible to raise funds for MoR that is required to procure rolling stock assets (wagons, trucks, electric multiple units, locomotives, coaches), its improvement, expansion, and assets management.

It follows a financial leasing model to finance rolling stock assets procurement for a lease period of 30 years. In fiscal 2019, the actual capital expenditures by the Indian Railways were Rs. 1,334 billion, out of which, IRFC financed Rs. 525.35 bn accounting for 39.34% expenditures.

Competitive strengths

  • Strategic role in Indian Railways growth.
  • Sound credit rating i.e. CRISIL AAA/A1+ and ICRA AAA/A1+.
  • Competitive cost of borrowing.
  • Strong financial performance.
  • Sound asset-liability management.
  • Experienced management team.

Below are Details of Grey Market Premium (GMP) and Kostak Rate of Indian Railway Finance Corporation Limited IPO.Please note GMP is only work when subscription figure is high.Always looks for subscription figure before looking to Grey Market Premium (GMP).Grey Market Premium (GMP) may go up or down depend on Subscription figure.Subscription figure is available on Home page for main line IPO and SME page for SME IPO.

IdGrey Market PremiumKostak RateRate Date
14220.4-0.6NILL27 Jan 2021
14180.5-0.6 RsNILL25 Jan 2021
14140.7-0.8 RsNILL22 Jan 2021
1411.08-.9 RsNILL21 Jan 2021
14071.10-1.20 Rs400 Rs20 Jan 2021
14031.10-1.20 Rs700 Rs19 Jan 2021
14021.5-2 Rs700 Rs18 Jan 2021
13981-2 Rs700 Rs15 Jan 2021
13971-2 Rs700 Rs14 Jan 2021
14260.4-0.6 NILL28 Jan 2020

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Janak Shah Jan 29 2021 9:54:43 AM
Admin is lying. Today it will list on discount price and give negative return.

Abmin Jan 22 2021 4:40:41 PM
Good for long term, but don't expect much returns. It will be just better than FD.

Jan 20 2021 9:12:39 PM
How much listing gain can we expect?? Is it good for long-term?

admin Jan 20 2021 8:09:03 PM
Total No.of Application Approx : 2551325 Retail Subscription on the basis of Apps : 2.35 times.

DJ Jan 20 2021 4:17:18 PM
Will give listing gain better than the expectations.

Janak Movaliya Jan 20 2021 2:41:23 PM
Buy on listing day with discounted price.Don’t apply in ipo.It will only gain when government reduced stake in future.

Aishwarya Jan 20 2021 2:34:22 PM
Within an hour of last msg qib subscribed 2.44 times, nii has subscribed 94.9%

SOMNATH GHOSH Jan 20 2021 2:33:36 PM
Apply with full force , it is a very good company for long term as well as listing gain. if you get the allotment then hold it ... and thanks me later

Urvesh Kotadiya Jan 20 2021 1:37:38 PM
Withdraw with full force . Avoid this ipo and save your money. Apply for indigo paint as well home first finance company.

Rakesh Mehta Jan 20 2021 1:33:57 PM
IRFCL will extend ipo application filling date by more two or three days as low subscription

Investors Jan 20 2021 1:31:09 PM
If QIB AND NII didn’t show interested then there will be no listing gain. It will open negative on listing day.

Gaurav khaitan Jan 20 2021 1:17:51 PM
As we cannot say the listing gain will be more or not but we cannot trust on the grey market premium it can be right also or wrong also it depends on which direction the market will go as there is a budget ahead so I think listing gain will be there but not much expected to be

DHAVAL Jan 20 2021 1:03:45 PM
I think listing gain is more than we think, because Employees of the company applying with full force.

Gaurav Khaitan Jan 20 2021 12:53:56 PM
I think QIB investor and NII are not showing any Interest in This IRFC IPO only Retail Investor are showing interest and I think listing gain will be only 5-10% but it is a good company and it is only the sole company no competition is there as there is a risk the Grey market Premium is also down Of IRFC IPO but I think listing gain will be there

DHAVAL P PADMASHALI Jan 20 2021 12:42:11 PM
Where QIB's Investor? Should i withdraw application?

Mahesh Babu Jan 20 2021 11:36:41 AM
This company has monopoly in financing railways assets. no competition no NPA since its only customer is Indian government, government is planning to privatize railway however like farmer bill which IMO is good for farmers will have lot of objection so I do not see railway privatization is not possible in this decade. At the upper price band of Rs 26, the issue is priced at an 8.18x P/E ratio and 0.97x P/BV ratio. PTC So the issue is like all government what PTC finance to PTC India so i see good listing gain however holding the stock for long nope.... wish the issued the IPO at par i am going to apply just for listing gain even if gain is less then 10% it better then keeping the money idle.

Deep Jan 20 2021 11:26:17 AM
@admin, is there a listing gain possibility?

Admin Jan 20 2021 11:13:51 AM
Latest gmp updated in ipo gmp section.

Mahesh Sinha Jan 19 2021 5:12:11 PM
Apply minimum 1 lot only. Since issue is oversubscribe, retailer will get only single lot only if he/she is lucky in draw.

Ganesh Jan 19 2021 5:10:50 PM
તમારી તાકાત હોઈ તેટલા ફોર્સ થી એપ્લાય કરો

Kalpesh Jan 19 2021 1:47:13 PM
3 ipo together everyone confused which one left

Sanket Patel Jan 19 2021 11:55:08 AM
Please add HFFC

admin Jan 19 2021 5:24:29 AM
Total No.of Application Approx : ~ 818184 Retail Subscription on the basis of Apps : 0.75 x

Ruchir Joshi Jan 18 2021 7:42:48 PM
How to track number of application received in Retail Portion of Subscription?

Ashish Kumar Padhan Jan 18 2021 12:22:02 PM
You're doing great job ! Thanks man

Admin Jan 18 2021 11:23:01 AM
Latest gmp updated in ipo gmp section.

Mahesh Kumar Jan 18 2021 10:41:26 AM
Add Live Subscription.

admin Jan 15 2021 6:36:45 AM
GMP is ok ok. All latest GMP updated in IPO GMP section.