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RailTel, a "Mini Ratna (Category-I)" Central Public Sector Enterprise is an ICT provider and one of the largest neutral telecom infrastructure providers in the country owning a Pan-India optic fiber network on exclusive Right of Way (ROW) along Railway track. The OFC network covers all important towns & cities of the country and several rural areas.

RailTel was incorporated on September 26, 2000 with the aim of modernizing the existing telecom system for train control, operation and safety and to generate additional revenues by creating nationwide broadband and multimedia network, laying optical fiber cable using the right of way along railway tracks. Presently, optic fiber network of RailTel covers over 58,742 route kilometers and covers 5,848 railway stations across towns and cities in India.

RailTel is an ISO certified company. Its operations are certified with various certifications including ISO 9001:2015, ISO/IEC 20000-1:2018, ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and CMMI Level-4 for its quality management systems, information security management systems, and service management systems, respectively

RailTel has a strategic relationship with the Indian Railways and it undertakes a wide variety of projects including provision of mission critical connectivity services such as video surveillance system at stations and within trains, ‘e-Office’ services and implementing short haul connectivity between stations and long haul connectivity to support various organizations within the Indian Railways. RailTel also undertakes various passenger services including content on demand services and Wi-Fi across major railway stations in India.

Below are Details of Grey Market Premium (GMP) and Kostak Rate of Railtel Corporation of India Limited IPO.Please note GMP is only work when subscription figure is high.Always looks for subscription figure before looking to Grey Market Premium (GMP).Grey Market Premium (GMP) may go up or down depend on Subscription figure.Subscription figure is available on Home page for main line IPO and SME page for SME IPO.

IdGrey Market PremiumKostak RateRate Date
145110-15 RsNILL23 Feb 2021
145210-15 RsNILL22 Feb 2021
144625-30 RsNILL19 Feb 2021
144425-30 RsNILL18 Feb 2021
144230-35 RsNILL17 Feb 2021
144045-50 Rs450 Rs16 Feb 2021
143940-45 Rs450 Rs15 Feb 2021
143640-45 Rs450 Rs (SS : 5000)12 Feb 2021

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Punter Mar 2 2021 4:25:11 PM
@Alert, Brother Not to worry. It is up by 90% now. I was just trying to explain you that many factors affect price of a company. Subscription is just one of them. Also even if fundamentals are not strong, sometimes due to high subscriptions and euphoria created around, few IPOs list at premium. Those who believe in listing gains can ignore fundamentals and those who want log term investment needs to study multiple factors. Apologies if any of my previous comments hurt you. Cheers.

Alert Feb 26 2021 1:58:14 PM
Ok my bad, 35% is really good. I sold at 110 😐

Alert Feb 26 2021 11:14:30 AM
@punter where you at? Pls dont do hawa mein bate to manipulate people's judgement from next time

Punter Feb 26 2021 11:13:17 AM
@Alert bhai, kidhar chale gaye? I sold Railtel at 121 (30% above issue price). Mkts are 1200 points -ve still made handsome gain. I hope you made some gains too.

Punter Feb 24 2021 1:42:26 AM
@Alert, please stay alert and read my last comment again. Also I will come back here after listing. You are also welcomed.

Alert Feb 23 2021 9:13:45 PM
@punter, gmp is 12 on 94 bro. 12/94 is 12% not 50% lol

Punter Feb 23 2021 7:02:56 PM
@Alert, wait for listing day. You will find your answer. Don't judge the book by it's cover. I know market sentiment is -ve but not so -ve like March 2020 that 50% premium go into discount. Still scope for 30% listing gains and if sentiment improve in 2-3 days may be 40-50 % listing gains expected.

Alert Feb 23 2021 11:48:33 AM
Dont tell lies punter. Premium is only 10 and company has no growth

admin Feb 18 2021 11:37:07 PM
Total No.of Application Approx : 2379717 Retail Subscription on the basis of Apps : 12.16 times.

Punter Feb 18 2021 10:56:52 PM
@Prakash, Ofcourse dear. Minimum 50% premium on listing. Also good for long term investment.

prakash Feb 18 2021 9:42:22 PM
is this good ipo ??????

Jit Feb 18 2021 7:52:56 PM
Please update latest gmp

Kaal Feb 18 2021 7:10:22 PM
Very good subscription Gmp growing

IPO King Feb 18 2021 3:35:57 PM
Good Subscription Numbers. Should be a blockbuster Debut. Applied for 18 Apps. Fingers crossed.

admin Feb 18 2021 3:38:06 AM
As of 17 Feb. Total No.of Application Approx : 1478490 Retail Subscription on the basis of Apps : 7.56 times.

admin Feb 17 2021 9:20:20 AM
At the end of 2/16/2020 : Total No.of Application Approx : 683975 Retail Subscription on the basis of Apps : 3.50 times.

admin Feb 17 2021 4:00:50 AM
Apply With Full Force.

admin Feb 16 2021 10:32:06 AM
Latest gmp updated in ipo gmp section.

aky Feb 15 2021 11:57:54 AM
pls allow email subscrption on daily basis akykr2012@gmail.com