RITES Limited (Rail India Technical and Economic Service) is an engineering consultancy company, specializing in the field of transport infrastructure. Established in 1974 by the Government of India, the companys initial charter was to provide consultancy services in rail transport management to operators in India and abroad. RITES has since diversified into planning and consulting services for other infrastructure, including airports, ports, highways and urban planning. On-shore WDS6 Diesel Loco Leasing service has been introduced. It was awarded the status of MINIRATNA in 2002.

It has executed projects in over 62 countries on every major continent. As of 2011, it was executing projects in over 30 countries

More details of RITES Limited is available at


Below are Details of Grey Market Premium (GMP) and Kostak Rate of RITES Limited IPO.Please note GMP is only work when subscription figure is high.Always looks for subscription figure before looking to Grey Market Premium (GMP).Grey Market Premium (GMP) may go up or down depend on Subscription figure.Subscription figure is available on Home page for main line IPO and SME page for SME IPO.

IdGrey Market PremiumKostak RateRate Date
4830-32 Rs (GMP Stable)  29 Jun 2018
4530-32 Rs (GMP Stable)-28 Jun 2018
4230-32 Rs (GMP going down slowly)40027 Jun 2018
3837-42 Rs400 Rs26 Jun 2018
3342-45 Rs400 Rs25 Jun 2018
2640-43 Rs400 Rs22 Jun 2018
2337-40 Rs450 Rs21 Jun 2018
2037-40 Rs45020 Jun 2018
1843-48 Rs (Today GMP May go down as per market condition)550 Rs19 Jun 2018
1642-45 Rs550 Rs18 Jun 2018
1432-34 Rs45015 Jun 2018
1320-22 Rs40014 Jun 2018

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admin Jun 29 2018 12:19:43 PM
GMP is stable. Latest GMP has been updated in IPO GMP Discussion forum.

admin Jun 29 2018 12:19:33 PM
@Rahneesh, stocksipo.info team get a many mails regarding this. They have applied 10+ lots and not getting a single lot.

Rajneesh Jun 28 2018 6:29:29 PM
I have applied for 8 Lot but not allotted single share.. what is this?

admin Jun 28 2018 11:11:14 AM
Latest GMP has been updated in IPO GMP Discussion forum.

admin Jun 27 2018 1:10:54 PM
GMP is going down slowly day by day. Latest GMP is updated in IPO GMP Section.

admin Jun 26 2018 11:01:16 AM
Latest GMP updated in IPO GMP Discussion section.

admin Jun 23 2018 7:37:59 AM
@Iqbal, Offline application once can fill from Banks. Some branches of banks provide this facility. Person need to go there fill the application and submit to bank. No digital. still more old age person submit application like this.

Iqbal Jun 22 2018 11:33:44 PM
Dear @Admin what is the offline application how is worked?

admin Jun 22 2018 10:53:26 PM
@Ravi, offline application upload at the end of the day. some retail apply offline.

Ravi Jun 22 2018 10:06:28 PM
Still retail bidding continued?? How is this possible?? Time 10 pm

admin Jun 22 2018 7:25:32 PM
@Raja, it will be computerize lottary system..

Naresh Jun 22 2018 6:47:14 PM
Ration 14:1 ,GMP PRICE 4000 FOR ALLOTED

Naresh Jun 22 2018 6:47:12 PM
Ration 14:1 ,GMP PRICE 4000 FOR ALLOTED

Naresh Jun 22 2018 6:47:10 PM
Ration 14:1 ,GMP PRICE 4000 FOR ALLOTED

Sandeep Jun 22 2018 6:40:47 PM
Can get rii everyone allotted

Sandeep Jun 22 2018 6:40:47 PM
Can get rii everyone allotted

Sandeep Jun 22 2018 6:40:45 PM
Can get rii everyone allotted

Sandeep Jun 22 2018 6:40:45 PM
Can get rii everyone allotted

Sandeep Jun 22 2018 6:40:45 PM
Can get rii everyone allotted

IPO King Jun 22 2018 5:56:15 PM
GMP increased to 100 in Ahmedabad

Raja Ganesh Jun 22 2018 5:19:15 PM
How it'll be allocated for RII???

Ravi Jun 22 2018 4:04:01 PM
Dmart beats by rites....opening is above 370

admin Jun 22 2018 4:00:10 PM
solid response. if market mood will be positive this will be rock on listing.

Rhugved Jun 22 2018 3:58:01 PM
Opening price will be above 350 rs

IPO King Jun 22 2018 3:57:45 PM
Looks like another D Mart in making

Vishavjeet Ahuja Jun 22 2018 3:53:25 PM
Now its all about getting the pre profitable shares

Ravi Jun 22 2018 3:52:38 PM
Anybody opening price expection??

admin Jun 22 2018 3:15:48 PM
subscription figure dancing....

Naresh Jun 22 2018 2:14:31 PM
Balle Balle, Both ipo looks good. will give sure good return as per current subscription figure.

Jayesh Jun 22 2018 2:10:28 PM
how many times in NII subscription...? any prediction

Vishavjeet ahuja Jun 22 2018 1:26:12 PM
Yes hriday hdfc app is facing some technical issue so apply by call . I also applied by call at 017233553366

admin Jun 22 2018 1:21:31 PM
@Hriday, Many times this happen with HDFC and Axis bank. you can call customer care for help. HDFC will open up to 4 P.M. for IPO.

Hriday Jun 22 2018 12:55:31 PM
Anybody having issues applying through HDFC? their IPO site is not responding. Tried many times

Kaal Jun 22 2018 12:40:39 PM
Now fii & dii active

Marvelous Jun 22 2018 12:24:51 PM
@admin you are Right Sir ji. after 12 p.m. QIB Action Begain.Lets Hopes For The Best. Cheers.

admin Jun 22 2018 12:10:20 PM
QIB in action..

VJ Jun 22 2018 11:54:28 AM
HNI will enter post 2 pm. But it is still an apply.

Marvelous Jun 22 2018 11:36:30 AM
You are Correct Admin Sir, But NII is 0.0645 and Retail is 0.6232 and OverAll is 0.7795 .QIB require morethan 5 times

admin Jun 22 2018 11:21:04 AM
@Marvelous, agree with you.. while all are busy with RITES. fine organic was oversubscribe in QIB portion.

admin Jun 22 2018 11:19:14 AM
@JRD, wait for 2-3 PM

Marvelous Jun 22 2018 11:03:05 AM
IF QIB and NIIs Bid is not Higher then its very bad.we can't get handsome listing profit gain.

JRD Jun 22 2018 10:53:29 AM
Admin, What is your final call ? Apply or Avoid ??

admin Jun 22 2018 9:48:47 AM
@Kaal, wait up to 2 PM

Kaal Jun 22 2018 9:47:29 AM

Kaal Jun 22 2018 9:46:58 AM
Can't find any fii or isi & hni bids that rock the figure ? V r traped

Rhugved Jun 21 2018 3:59:25 PM
computerized lottery system will be appied

Naresh Jun 21 2018 2:40:03 PM

admin Jun 21 2018 12:32:48 PM
@Dr ravi, closing time depend on different banks. you will find details at IPO FAQ section.

VJ Jun 21 2018 12:32:19 PM

Dr Ravi Jun 21 2018 11:09:24 AM
What is the bidding closing time for tomorrow??

admin Jun 21 2018 11:02:08 AM
@Dr ravi, QIB and HNI mostly comes on last day. wait for tomorrow to look subscription for QIB and HNI.

admin Jun 21 2018 11:01:19 AM
@Raja Ganesh, Don't apply more lots. Already retail is over subscribed. You will either get 1 or 0.

Dr ravi Jun 21 2018 10:53:53 AM
Why QIB,NII are not bidding, I think this money not goes to company development, money goes to government directly, not used for development and assets growth.

Raja Ganesh Jun 21 2018 10:51:12 AM
@ Admin, I've applied for 2 lots. Now I would like to apply for more. Shall I apply again or I've to cancel the application & reapply again.

Anand Jun 21 2018 10:32:47 AM
Do you think it will list above 220?

Kaal Jun 21 2018 10:16:24 AM
Gmp may be improve more

kiran Jun 20 2018 4:13:06 PM
it's show percentile.

sanjay Jun 20 2018 4:02:02 PM
is category subscription given in last coloum are the percentile of total share? or what else, plz calrifiy if anybody know

admin Jun 20 2018 3:24:18 PM
@Jayesh, when ipo is good. go with RII with max. application. NII will also subscribe in large amount. in that you will get some portion of share for your large amount. Better is RII. apply from different persom demat account. chance are more.

Jayesh Jun 20 2018 3:12:19 PM
and in case of fully subscribe which category is best

Jayesh Jun 20 2018 3:12:18 PM
and in case of fully subscribe which category is best

Jayesh Gajra Jun 20 2018 3:10:03 PM
what is the different of allotment for RRI & NNI..?

admin Jun 20 2018 2:59:24 PM
@Rajendra, It's seem hard allotment for retail.

Rajendra Jun 20 2018 2:55:18 PM
Retail Portion Fully Subscribed on 1st Day before 3 PM

admin Jun 20 2018 2:24:07 PM
@Prasanth, They mostly comes on last day.

Prasath Jun 20 2018 1:46:44 PM
Admin why the mutual funds have been remaining silent,?

admin Jun 20 2018 1:21:01 PM
Diksha, You need demat account and bank account. Process is very simple. Let us know which demat account and bank account you have. we will give you full details about How to apply this IPO.

Diksha Jun 20 2018 12:58:28 PM
How can I buy Rites lote

Vasant Jun 20 2018 9:45:32 AM
It’s Good as Rs 6 discount for retail

admin Jun 15 2018 1:48:34 PM
Good IPO. Discount in retail category give more weighted. Live GMP is updated in GMP section.