Fine Organic Industries Limited IPO GMP

Fine Organic Industries Limited IPOFounded in 1970, Fine Organics was the brainchild of Mr. Ramesh Shah, a Mumbai-based businessman with experience in chemical trading and Mr. Prakash Kamat, a skilled technocrat from Institution of Chemical Technology. Together, they envisioned the potential of oleochemical derivatives and created an organization founded on the pillars of innovation and passion. Fine Organics introduced the Indian market to high-quality additives for specialty applications with raw materials from locally-grown plant sources and quality levels on par with international standards.

Today, Fines range of innovative additives have expanded their reach into several specialty applications in food, plastics, cosmetics, textiles, paints, inks, rubber and many more.It has a range of 387 different products sold under the Fine Organics brand. 

Fine Organic Industries Limited IPO

Below are Details of Grey Market Premium (GMP) and Kostak Rate of Fine Organic Industries Limited IPO.Please note GMP is only work when subscription figure is high.Always looks for subscription figure before looking to Grey Market Premium (GMP).Grey Market Premium (GMP) may go up or down depend on Subscription figure.Subscription figure is available on Home page for main line IPO and SME page for SME IPO.

IdGrey Market PremiumKostak RateRate Date
4735-40 Rs (Steady) 29 Jun 2018
4435-40 Rs-28 Jun 2018
4138-40 RsNILL27 Jun 2018
3730-32 Rs300 Rs26 Jun 2018
3630-35 Rs300 Rs25 Jun 2018
3550 rs (increase as subscription figure increase)500 rs23 Jun 2018
2715-20 Rs (risky now)300 Rs22 Jun 2018
2427-32 Rs300 Rs21 Jun 2018
2132-37 Rs300 Rs20 Jun 2018
1950-60 Rs (Today GMP May go down as per market condition)400 Rs19 Jun 2018
1760-65 Rs400 Rs18 Jun 2018
15105-11045016 Jun 2018

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admin Jun 29 2018 12:18:22 PM
GMP is stable. Latest GMP has been updated in IPO GMP Discussion forum.

admin Jun 28 2018 11:10:22 AM
Latest GMP has been updated in IPO GMP Discussion forum.

admin Jun 27 2018 1:10:12 PM
GMP is improved. Latest GMP updated in IPO GMP Section

admin Jun 26 2018 11:00:47 AM
Latest GMP updated in IPO GMP Discussion section.

admin Jun 25 2018 12:17:10 PM
@Kaal, you are right.. gmp up-down very fast

Kaal Jun 25 2018 11:27:41 AM
GMP has very fast up-down moving can't take decisions.

admin Jun 23 2018 7:47:10 AM
Agree with Naresh GMP Is increased to 50 Rs. Good listing expected from the subscription figure.

Naresh Jun 22 2018 6:48:43 PM

Kaal Jun 22 2018 5:00:15 PM
Current Gmp plz. (Adminji)

Kaal Jun 22 2018 4:10:01 PM
Hope for listing gain & all the best to all alloted alloties in advance

admin Jun 22 2018 3:59:15 PM
Subscription figure is not bad. Apply for one lot.

Naresh Jun 22 2018 3:10:29 PM
Me too. I think Fine organics will be fine for us.

Rebel Jun 22 2018 3:03:59 PM
But any way I applied for both Ipos

Rebel Jun 22 2018 3:02:59 PM
I also have SBI n kotak 2pm closes

admin Jun 22 2018 2:58:55 PM
agree with you naresh.

Naresh Jun 22 2018 2:51:23 PM
Sir, same in kotak bank. Its private but don't want to change... It creates lots of panic,as we know nowadays,we subscribe ipo in last minutes to check their subscription, but SBi, Kotak closed at 2 pm and others open till 3 or 4 pm. So it creates panic whether to apply or not before 2pm. As FII, and NII enter after 2 pm probably after market time.. Hope SEBI can make same time for all bank.

admin Jun 22 2018 2:38:05 PM
@Naresh, Government bank will never improve. They don't want to starch beyond the bank time.

Naresh Jun 22 2018 2:34:56 PM
SBI Till 2 PM only...

admin Jun 22 2018 2:34:39 PM
Company is good. but GMP price is not encouraging. Also only QIB is interested, if QIB > 20x then it will be safer bat. Also team review different borkerage houses. and all are positive about this IPO.

ravi Jun 22 2018 2:28:30 PM
Shall I bid in retail in fine?? Any profit??

Raja Ganesh Jun 22 2018 2:28:10 PM
@ Admin, SBI will allow up to what time? What's your opinion. Apply or avoid

admin Jun 22 2018 1:17:07 PM
It's seem risky. wait for some more time.

Ravi Jun 22 2018 1:11:25 PM
Shall I bid retailer in fine?? Any profit??

Naresh Jun 22 2018 12:27:18 PM
Dear Admin, As i said , the same thing happen, now what is your call. may be benefiited to apply for listing gain? and how much lot can apply from various accounts.?

Naresh Jun 21 2018 4:19:41 PM

admin Jun 21 2018 3:23:37 PM
if subscription is not encourage tomorrow end of day then GMP may slip to zero.

kaal Jun 21 2018 2:53:06 PM
No rate

Kaal Jun 21 2018 2:52:01 PM
Only name is fine but ipo is not fine don't apply it.

admin Jun 21 2018 1:59:51 PM
@Anand, where did you read about subject to allotment price. Also note there is always some plus/minus in GMP and subject to.

Anand Jun 21 2018 10:35:04 AM
GMP is 30-32 But subject to allotment is 1700? How?