GMP and Other Discussion for Rajnish Wellness Limited

Rajnish Wellness LimitedRajnish Wellness is the extension and expansion of Rajnish Hot Deal Pvt Ltd. It started as a small teleshopping venture with the name- Quick Service (QS) Advertising in the year 2009 and has grown philosophically and physically into a brand in ayurvedic product industry dedicated to people’s personal and sexual wellness. Continuing with the legacy of their popular brands, they deliver high-quality and effective products that help achieve highest wellness in personal and sexual life of their consumers.

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admin Jun 27 2018 10:45:48 PM
agree with you @Ravi and @Rajendra. Some time SEBI approve the Price which is not justify.

Ravi Jun 27 2018 5:22:26 PM
How exchange people accepted this ipo with 95 rs?? Too muchhh

Rajendra Jun 27 2018 3:05:46 PM
Flop Issue

VJ Jun 27 2018 12:48:03 PM
its just 20 rs.. Definately 90 is very much . See no body is interested in this issue. Save ur money by avoiding this one

Ravi Jun 26 2018 2:21:25 PM
90 rs too much???

VJ Jun 26 2018 10:15:25 AM
Avoid. Highly Expensive.