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Ganga Forging Limited IPOGanga Forging is one of the leading steel forging manufacturers. Ganga Forging is served all major industries such as Construction, Railways, Mechanical industries, Oil refineries, Mining industry, etc. Ganga Forging have a wealth of experience working as a forging parts manufacturer- Three decades to be exact. Ganga Forging have the depth and the width of experience in the industry.
Vision Ganga Forging vision is "To become a leader in the forging industry by ensuring customer satisfaction"

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Ravi Jul 7 2018 2:02:23 PM
When is the listing date of ganga forging??

admin Jul 4 2018 9:40:17 PM
@Ravi, There are mainly two reason. 1) Main reason is trade war between china and USA. worlds looking danger in this. Investor are more worry about this. 2) The IPO charm which is coming now a days are already highly price.

Ravi Jul 3 2018 5:33:57 PM
Why QIB not bidding?? Nse sme they are not interested in or any??

admin Jul 3 2018 7:44:04 AM
agree with you naresh..

Naresh Jun 29 2018 4:22:46 PM
Issue Size is only 5 Crore . so subscription figure looks good. Wait , if subscribe more, chances are more to get good profit bcs of low price and 6000 share.

Rajendra Jun 29 2018 3:29:18 PM
Good subscriptions going on day One ... Admin, Your comment Please

Rajendra Jun 29 2018 3:29:17 PM
Good subscriptions going on day One ... Admin, Your comment Please