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TCNS Clothing Co Limited

Born in 2001, the brand W is a part of TCNS CLOTHING CO. LIMITED. The dream of two brothers – Mr. OS Pasricha and Mr. AS Pasricha came to reality when W started its journey with an aim to provide fashion in a modern retail environment to the Indian woman.

TCNS Clothing Co. Limited are the only brand in the Indian retail space which offers ‘Indian contemporary’ wear and stays a step ahead of the fashion curve. The pioneer in introducing the concept of ‘Mix n Match’ in retail, W designers take inspiration from the latest fashion trends & forecasts from the west and transform them into silhouettes and styles acceptable to the modern Indian woman.

TCNS Clothing Co. Limited first brand Store was opened in 2001-2002 at Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi. And now standing in 16th year the store count is 400+ across the globe. Company idea is not to grow only within India but internationally. W’s exclusive brand outlets are now present in Mauritius, Srilanka & Kathmandu and are now looking forward to expand in more countries.

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Below are Details of Grey Market Premium (GMP) and Kostak Rate of TCNS Clothing Co. Limited IPO.Please note GMP is only work when subscription figure is high.Always looks for subscription figure before looking to Grey Market Premium (GMP).Grey Market Premium (GMP) may go up or down depend on Subscription figure.Subscription figure is available on Home page for main line IPO and SME page for SME IPO.

IdGrey Market PremiumKostak RateRate Date
696-9 Rs-27 Jul 2018
676-9 Rs-26 Jul 2018
657-10 Rs (GMP Steady)-25 Jul 2018
638-10 Rs-24 Jul 2018
6015-20 Rs250 Rs23 Jul 2018
5815-18 Rs250 Rs20 Jul 2018
5516-18 Rs250 RS19 Jul 2018
5420-22 Rs250 Rs18 Jul 2018
5322-25 Rs250 Rs17 Jul 2018
5227-30 Rs-13 Jul 2018
5120-23 Rs-12 Jul 2018
50No GMP TodayNo Kostak Rate Today11 Jul 2018

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admin Jul 30 2018 10:12:16 AM
lists flat at Rs 715 on BSE

admin Jul 24 2018 11:23:15 AM
GMP is down. GMP Updated in IPO GMP section.

admin Jul 23 2018 11:25:54 AM
GMP is steady. updated in IPO GMP section

admin Jul 20 2018 4:25:15 PM
@Patel, patel power always positive... sachu bolo cho... positive j khulse.

Patel Jul 20 2018 4:06:27 PM
@ Hardikkumar. Chinta na karso bhai. Plus the game is on

VJ Jul 20 2018 3:32:28 PM
i have applied. Taking a risk

admin Jul 20 2018 2:58:35 PM
@hardikkumar, retail not make more difference. HNI and QIB is important for Positive listing.

hardikkumar Jul 20 2018 2:07:40 PM
Minus khulse k su??

hardikkumar Jul 20 2018 2:06:47 PM
Retailer ma 0.50 b na bharay to su khulse ???

admin Jul 20 2018 10:25:03 AM
GMP has updated on IPO GMP Discussion Forum. It will be improve today End of the day if subscription figure is good.

admin Jul 20 2018 10:06:24 AM
@Jatin, wait for HNI for bumper listing. if HNI is more then 10X-20X then we can say (Again depend on market condition).

admin Jul 20 2018 10:05:26 AM
@Pooja, Mostly this will be under subscribe in retail category. And if any case it will oversubscribe allotment will be out on thursday. and friday release of money depend on bank. Friday is last day for HDFC amc.

Jatin Jul 20 2018 9:41:35 AM
Agr bacaha hua sara retailer Ka bhi mal QIB k pas jayega toh listing day pe bhut hi cum quantities trending k liye hogi.toh kya bumper listing ho skati h????

Jatin Jul 20 2018 9:38:16 AM
@ pooja No

Pooja Jul 20 2018 7:25:57 AM
One question. plz. answer me. If I subscribed, should I get refund before hdfc amc ipo close ? so i can use amount to hdfc amc ipo.

admin Jul 19 2018 5:51:33 PM
@hardikkumar, wait for tomorrow. Now a days QIB oversubscribe is common. here one point is most of QIB portion fill by FII. In Past when this happen with "HDFC Standard Life Insurance Company Limited ", the output is positive listing. But you know the HDFC is it-self a brand. wait for tomorrow.

hardikkumar Jul 19 2018 3:33:06 PM
qib 5 time bhrayo to su lage che ????????/

admin Jul 19 2018 11:10:41 AM
Latest GMP Updated in IPO GMP Discussion forum.

admin Jul 19 2018 8:54:48 AM
@hardikkumar, for hdfc amc gmp is 350-360. good ipo after long time. we will add hdfc amc page today.

hardikkumar Jul 18 2018 9:03:21 PM
Admin ji HDFC amc ipo ka kya primium bol Raha hain reply?

admin Jul 18 2018 12:39:13 PM
agree with you hardik.. lets wait for final day.. kai pan thai sake che.. ☺️

hardik Jul 18 2018 11:51:48 AM
fully suscribe thay tevu laagtu nathi boss

admin Jul 18 2018 11:37:05 AM
GMP is slight down. GMP is updated in IPO GMP discussion forum.

admin Jul 17 2018 4:26:46 PM
GMP is updated in IPO GMP Discussion forum

admin Jul 13 2018 12:07:05 PM
GMP has updated in IPO GMP Discussion section.

admin Jul 12 2018 12:35:58 PM
agree with you @hardik shah.. but always for subscription figure..

hardik shah Jul 12 2018 11:07:21 AM
aa ipo risky laage che ho bhai TCNS CLOTHING

admin Jul 12 2018 9:34:31 AM
GMP has updated in IPO GMP Discussion section.