HDFC Asset Management Company Limited IPO GMP

HDFC Asset Management Company Limited IPOHDFC Asset Management Company, the subsidiary of Housing Development Finance Corporation, was incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956, on December 10, 1999, and was approved to act as an Asset Management Company for the HDFC Mutual Fund by SEBI vide its letter dated July 3, 2000.

HDFC Mutual Fund has been constituted as a trust in accordance with the provisions of the Indian Trusts Act, 1882, as per the terms of the trust deed dated June 8, 2000 with Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited (HDFC) and Standard Life Investments Limited as the Sponsors / Settlors and HDFC Trustee Company Limited, as the Trustee. The Trust Deed has been registered under the Indian Registration Act, 1908. The Mutual Fund has been registered with SEBI, under registration code MF/044/00/6 on June 30, 2000

More Details of HDFC Asset Management Company is given at


Below are Details of Grey Market Premium (GMP) and Kostak Rate of HDFC Asset Management Company Limited IPO.Please note GMP is only work when subscription figure is high.Always looks for subscription figure before looking to Grey Market Premium (GMP).Grey Market Premium (GMP) may go up or down depend on Subscription figure.Subscription figure is available on Home page for main line IPO and SME page for SME IPO.

IdGrey Market PremiumKostak RateRate Date
75580-590 (steady)-03 Aug 2018
72590-600 Rs1400 Rs01 Aug 2018
71610-620 Rs1400 Rs31 Jul 2018
70610-620 (Strong Jump because of Strong Subscription)1400 Rs30 Jul 2018
68510-520 Rs1600 Rs27 Jul 2018
66465-475 Rs1700 Rs26 Jul 2018
64450-460 Rs (GMP Steady)1700 Rs25 Jul 2018
62450-460 Rs1700 Rs24 Jul 2018
61380-390 Rs1400 Rs23 Jul 2018
59350-360 Rs1400 Rs20 Jul 2018
57345-355 Rs1300 Rs19 Jul 2018
73580-590 (slight down)1500 rs08 Feb 2018

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admin Aug 6 2018 10:21:01 AM
This is called master stock market debut. Listed at 58% premium 1,739 Rs.

admin Aug 6 2018 9:21:30 AM
@Bapu, intraday on listing is risking...but you can take delivery... see live premarket session going on...

Bapu Aug 5 2018 9:19:22 PM
Admin Can i do intraday, if i bought at opening price and wait for some gain than sell immediately

Bapu Aug 5 2018 9:17:59 PM
Admin, I got 0 out of 4 😢😢😢😢

Bapu Aug 5 2018 9:17:59 PM
Admin, I got 0 out of 4 😢😢😢😢

admin Aug 5 2018 3:48:50 PM
@Rahul kumar , not allotted or not credited ?? if not credited then wait for tomorrow. dont worry it will be credited by tomorrow 9 AM

Rahul Kumar Aug 5 2018 12:10:16 PM
@Admin, any idea why shares have not been allotted under retail category?

admin Aug 4 2018 12:53:43 AM
@patel, yes on monday new page will be available on home page. see at 9 AM. here you will see premarket ipo session tradding... also refer your friend to check this.. let us know in case of more query.

admin Aug 4 2018 12:52:13 AM
@amit kumar pal, in share holder category it will not multiple of 13. also amount should not exceed to 2 lakh rs. in hdfc amc ipo most of shareholder investor have a applied only one lot. please note here it is not case that either one or zero. if you applied more you will get some part.... investor applied one lot in shareholder category may be lack of knowledge about the allotment in share holder category..

admin Aug 3 2018 7:54:31 PM
@jitu, its should listing minimum 35% premium.... see IPO GMP section for live gmp

Patel Aug 3 2018 3:35:30 PM
@ Admin, Is there any specific page for 9 am session on monday. Please reply

Patel Aug 3 2018 3:35:24 PM
@ Admin, Is there any specific page for 9 am session on monday. Please reply

Amit Kumar pal Aug 3 2018 1:24:27 PM
while applied 169 shares on the highest bid price in minimum 13 shares multiple in the Reservation Portion Shareholder, the allotment was not made on multiple of 13 shares i.e. 13,26,39,52 etc. What was the basis of allotment in reservation portion of Shareholder. Would admin please appraise.

jitu Aug 3 2018 12:02:10 PM
dear admin pls tell me what is possible listing price..

admin Aug 3 2018 6:45:54 AM
on monday Pre market IPO session will be available on our website.. this session will start on 9 AM morning... You will find qty, price movement and much more...

admin Aug 2 2018 9:31:17 PM
@Jeetu, in retail in case of oversubscription every one got either one or zero lot.. do you have real scenerio... we can complaint on sebi on it.

Raja Ganesh Aug 2 2018 9:11:37 PM
I've applied thru 4 different demat accounts, so it's 4 different applications

Jeetu Aug 2 2018 8:58:38 PM
How can it possible..? But it is true...

Jeetu Aug 2 2018 8:53:21 PM
Dear admin... I am confused... because.. today's allotment is basis on bids.. not a basis on application....

admin Aug 2 2018 7:46:20 PM
good @raja.. dont sell on listing.. keep for long term. very good company with bright future..

Raja Ganesh Aug 2 2018 6:55:00 PM
Thank you Admin. I've checked. Applied 4 applications thru 4 account. Allotted 1 lot.

admin Aug 2 2018 5:53:56 PM
check allotment at :::

admin Aug 2 2018 5:50:08 PM
@raja, karvy servee could not handle the load.. better they found do not display the result. amount will be deduct or release and people will know.

Marvelous Aug 2 2018 5:26:24 PM
3 out of 0 All amount has been relased. Corporation bank and sbi bank

Raja Ganesh Aug 2 2018 4:55:55 PM
Yes admin, what could be the reason. My bank account says that still the amount is blocked.

admin Aug 2 2018 4:25:12 PM
allotment is out... for some reason karvy stop showing the result

Naresh Aug 2 2018 4:24:57 PM
2nd allotted

Naresh Aug 2 2018 4:22:38 PM
Allottment process, start receive message got 13 share. from kotak bank

Bapu Aug 2 2018 3:54:08 PM
Aaj lakhon log apne account se Rs.14300/- debit hone ka wait Kar rahe Hain #HDFCAMC....kabhi kabhi....debit hona bhi aachha lagata hai...😁😁

Bapu Aug 2 2018 3:54:04 PM
Aaj lakhon log apne account se Rs.14300/- debit hone ka wait Kar rahe Hain #HDFCAMC....kabhi kabhi....debit hona bhi aachha lagata hai...😁😁

admin Aug 2 2018 3:11:22 PM
How to check Allotment Status of HDFC AMC is given at ::: Still allotment is not out.

Marvelous Aug 2 2018 2:43:35 PM
*HDFC AMC IPO Update*: Basis of Allotment Approved by Exchange. Retail Investors will get 13 Shares for minimum bid lot in *994:3879* ratio From 26 to 169 bid lot will get 13 Shares in 41:160 ratio HNI Final Subscription: *194.38504* Unblocking of Funds: 02-Aug-2018 Credit of Shares : 03-Aug-2018 Listing of Shares: 06-Aug -2018

Rishi Aug 2 2018 1:44:26 PM
Check HDFC AMC IPO allotment status:

Tejal Aug 2 2018 12:12:02 PM
HDFC AMC IPO Allotment is now today..Banking SMS Time: 2 PM & Banking SMS Time: 2 PM..Allotment to check on,,

admin Aug 2 2018 11:30:56 AM
Latest GMP updated in IPO GMP section.

admin Aug 1 2018 5:30:20 PM
@Bapu allotment status will be available tomorrow. details available at IPO news section

Rajbha Aug 1 2018 2:09:21 PM
What is ratio of subscription? 2:9?

Bapu Aug 1 2018 12:41:49 PM
Dear admin, Kindly post while allotment status is available

admin Aug 1 2018 11:25:15 AM
Latest GMP Updated in IPO GMP Section.

admin Jul 31 2018 1:48:03 PM
Latest GMP Updated in IPO GMP Section.

admin Jul 30 2018 9:10:56 PM
@Dhan Singh, You can check in live subscription. All over issue was subscribed 83 times. In Retail issue was subscribed 6.7 times. In Retail Application wise issue was subscribed 4.2 times.

Dhan singh Jul 30 2018 8:30:20 PM
Sir can you tell me how much time subscribe hdfc AMC ipo?and what the allotment ratio of application?

Rajnikant sanghani Jul 30 2018 2:08:56 PM
That's good

admin Jul 30 2018 1:12:28 PM
@Marvelous, Application wise ratio will shortly included in website. Currently for HDFC AMC application wise ration is 4.2X. Approx 4 person 1 will get allotment.

Marvelous Jul 30 2018 11:50:10 AM
Hello,admin Sir, Can you Explain how to calculate Appplication Wise Ratio.? I am Retail Investor.And Here Retail is 6.7313. SO Ration is one Person get allotment out of 7 Is it True????

admin Jul 30 2018 11:45:33 AM
HDFC AMC GMP made bumper jump. Updated in IPO GMP Section. Already posted on Friday. because of bumper subscription GMP is increased.

admin Jul 30 2018 11:43:45 AM
@vinoth, This feature will be added shortly in our website. For HDFC AMC application wise subscription is 4.2X.

vinoth Jul 30 2018 9:34:09 AM
@ADmin: Where we can see the application wise subscription? The subscription was 6.8 times, how we can conclude the application wise?

admin Jul 28 2018 9:30:08 AM
@Mukesh, Application wise subscription is 4.2X so Allotment ration will be around 4:1 Allotment chance is high.

Mukesh Jul 28 2018 7:20:00 AM
Dear admin allotments ratio??? 7 forme 1 form lagse??

admin Jul 28 2018 7:01:24 AM
This IPO have a second largest subscription in history of India after coal india. The value of bid received Rs 1.72 trillion. 0.91% GDP value of India. wow..

Hardik Jul 27 2018 11:26:30 PM
Application wise 4.2

admin Jul 27 2018 8:51:56 PM
@Hardik, Below 1100 aetle. Issue price is Rs.1095 to Rs.1100. If some one apply between 1095-1099 then application will be rejected.

S R PATEL Jul 27 2018 8:22:42 PM
રોકાણકારોમાં લહેરખી

S R PATEL Jul 27 2018 8:21:54 PM
શેરબજાર મોટો પ્રારંભિક જાહેર ભરણું (આઈપીઓ) આજે શેરબજારમાં ...બધા ભરે એમ હુ કવ છુ...

S R PATEL Jul 27 2018 8:17:23 PM
આઇપીઓ મા પૈસા મલશે... બધા ભરજો હો...

Hardik Jul 27 2018 7:42:31 PM
Below 1100 etle su Bapu?? Kai khyaal na aayo

admin Jul 27 2018 7:34:48 PM
yes @Bapu

Bapu Jul 27 2018 7:31:51 PM
Dear admin, Means if any applied for below 1100, then it will be rejected

admin Jul 27 2018 7:28:27 PM
Total Number of application is 2540437 Application wise subscription is 4.25 x @Hardik, for now it's 4.25 to 1. but still offline form is under process.

Ipo king Jul 27 2018 6:38:37 PM
Looks like retail will touch 7 times as exchange updates go on till 11 pm. Applied from 8 accounts. Fingers crossed 🤞🤞

Hardik Jul 27 2018 6:12:51 PM
Finally 4.11 to 1 K 6.5to1 ?????????

admin Jul 27 2018 5:26:30 PM
Total number of application is 2451116 Application wise Subscription in retail category is 4.11X

admin Jul 27 2018 5:22:08 PM
Yes @Bapu you are right. in most of case if you tick on cut of price box, higher amount will be enter automatic.

Bapu Jul 27 2018 5:14:11 PM
Dear admin, so there is no any importance of tick cut off price box, what is different between tick or without tick

Bapu Jul 27 2018 5:12:29 PM
Dear admin, Means both cut off tick or without tick, bid will be successful,

admin Jul 27 2018 5:07:12 PM
@Bapu, When we apply for IPO, there is check box for cut off price. Above figure show that's subscription. All Bid with 1100 will be consider for allotment weather they have checked cut-off price or not. below 1100 will be rejected. Hope you are clear. Let us know if you need more details

Bapu Jul 27 2018 4:51:30 PM
Dear admin, In subscription above mention, you can see some of bidden at price bid, not cutt off price, so these all are applicable would be rejected??? As ipo oversubscribed 6 times

Marvelous Jul 27 2018 4:49:54 PM
Let's See What Happen. I think in Retail 1 Person allocated from 7. I have 3 Application 2 Sold .1 application with me(Karvy i require on this application allotment :) ) .

admin Jul 27 2018 4:20:26 PM
@Naresh, Lets wait for final figure. Ratio will be come from Number of times application wise subscription. will update.

NAresh Jul 27 2018 4:07:17 PM
Dear Admin, Whats Allotment Ratio? Is it 6:1 ? Mr. Rajnikant mentioned 4:1... Whats accurate figure?

Vishavjeet Ahuja Jul 27 2018 3:47:25 PM
My estimate was correct as it is in range of 80 to 100 times . So good luck everyone

admin Jul 27 2018 3:33:54 PM
@Naresh, Right now GMP is half from what you are expecting. Subscription figure is rocking. so GMP will surely jump.

Rajnikant sanghani Jul 27 2018 3:25:39 PM
Retail allotment will be 4:1

Rajnikant sanghani Jul 27 2018 3:25:39 PM
Retail allotment will be 4:1

Naresh Jul 27 2018 3:12:08 PM
Dear Admin, Is it possible, HDFC AMC may be open like Dixon, Directly 1000 from base price?(2000 or 2100) What r the chances? Pattern looks like same. or reach the limit of 2000 above from base price on first day.

Naresh Jul 27 2018 2:57:41 PM
See RITES...IPO ...Operator game start.first buy at lower price. and now up..Thanks god i have yet not baught signle application. having tatal 500 share...I may go 300 in next week

Naresh Jul 27 2018 2:57:40 PM
See RITES...IPO ...Operator game start.first buy at lower price. and now up..Thanks god i have yet not baught signle application. having tatal 500 share...I may go 300 in next week

Naresh Jul 27 2018 2:36:02 PM
Kaal is right. As ipo is good, more than 90% retail investor already applied. Few remaining. So retail assumption will not be more than 6 times.6 e 1. QUB, NII may across 150 times level.Sure good profit in this 5000 up...for retail

Kaal Jul 27 2018 2:29:32 PM
Application r as I say 25 July 3:01 pm application wise 3.25 to 3.50 (+-2%) chance

Kaal Jul 27 2018 2:26:31 PM
@raja very few using online app. Mode figure r coming with offline app also now 2079900 app. Received & app wise 3.48x time Now you calculate online & offline application mode

Raja Ganesh e Jul 27 2018 1:57:14 PM
@Kaal, offline retail applications will be refleted later

Kaal Jul 27 2018 1:46:12 PM
Now time for hni & qib Retail done almost

Raja Ganesh Jul 27 2018 12:22:56 PM
Thank you Admin. I've applied thru SBI

admin Jul 27 2018 12:05:51 PM
Latest GMP updated in IPO GMP section.

admin Jul 27 2018 11:02:24 AM
@Raja, Depend on bank. Some bank like SBI , Axis support this. Some banks like HDFC doesn't support this.

Raja Ganesh Jul 27 2018 10:02:10 AM
Shall I apply thru my net banking for my friend as he doesn't have internet banking

Siddharth Chaurasia Jul 26 2018 6:43:04 PM
I want to sell 13 Kostak application, if any one interested please contact 9773267949

admin Jul 26 2018 4:59:30 PM
@Harsh Jain, Ask your broker. They will help you.

Harsh Jain Jul 26 2018 4:42:05 PM
Dear Admin can you please guide me how can sell my application of HDFC amc at kostak rate...

admin Jul 26 2018 3:17:57 PM
@Rajnikant, We are working on this.

Rajnikant sanghani Jul 26 2018 3:10:35 PM
How can v know no.of application

admin Jul 26 2018 3:05:53 PM
@Jayesh, Time already shown on below of BSE and NSE Bid Details Label. time on total bid details not possible as BSE and NSE have a different update time.

Jayesh Jul 26 2018 2:46:27 PM
Dear Admin Sir , I'm visiting this site regularly in every IPO since few months.Here I would like to kindly suggest you one thing that just like NSE and BSE both are showing latest time above their subscription box , you also update it above the total subscription box for more convenience.Thank you

admin Jul 26 2018 1:29:44 PM
@Bapu, It is kostak rate. Not GMP.

Bapu Jul 26 2018 12:37:32 PM
Current GMP is 1800 rs

admin Jul 26 2018 11:20:46 AM
Latest GMP updated in IPO GMP section.

Deepak Jul 26 2018 9:54:43 AM
I want to sell my application, May I know how? I'm from Chennai. My no. 7871350969

admin Jul 26 2018 9:03:00 AM
@Shah Parshwa, as per our suggestion, Keep with you. Also look at your previous allotment with respect to register. if you get allotment from this register then don't sell your application. if you do not get allotment in previous issues from this register then sell your application.

Shah Parshwa Jul 26 2018 8:57:53 AM
m bit confuse now estimate sub. in retail may reach 3.5x to 4x . I am having 4 account , my que is wthr to sell in kostak rate or keep position open ? (referin kostak @ ₹1650 & selling at said price ₹6600 vl be confirm)

Jeetu prajapati Jul 25 2018 10:29:20 PM
Thank you.. Respected sir.

admin Jul 25 2018 9:59:34 PM
@Umesh, You will get share at listing price.whatever price at listing time (10 A.M. on listing day) but note on listing day price will be more up and down as soon as it's listed.

Umesh Jul 25 2018 9:17:04 PM
Dear admin,please clarify one more thing that if I place order in ipo pre open i.e. before 9:45 at market price at what price I will get the shares - 1. At the price which is at the time of placing order in pre open or 2. At the listing price i.e. after the share get listed. Please admin clarify as allotment will be tough.

admin Jul 25 2018 9:10:28 PM
@Jeetu, No, Hdfc standard life share will not count here. Only HDFC share holder applied here.

Jeetu prajapati Jul 25 2018 8:34:10 PM
Respected Admin. I have allotted hdfc standard life share. After then I have accumulate other 60 shares.. currently i hold it. So, now can I subscribe in share holder categories..for hdfc amc IPO.. And yes, then how much subscribed it.

Bapu Jul 25 2018 6:28:42 PM
Ohhh tough for allotment. But,let's see what happen in remaining 2 days.

admin Jul 25 2018 4:49:28 PM
Fully Subscribe on day 1 as expected.

Vishavjeet ahuja Jul 25 2018 4:17:17 PM
According to my estimate it is going to be subscribed 80 to 100 times . Lucky ones will get the shares.

admin Jul 25 2018 3:49:29 PM
sure.. ditto... best of luck. when allotment out please post the output ☺️

Bapu Jul 25 2018 3:45:40 PM
Dear admin, i must say that 13 is my lucky no so now i will apply 3 application and wait for allotment

admin Jul 25 2018 3:42:51 PM
@bapu, take chance for allotment.. test your luck.. and dont forgot to post here if you got allotment ☺️

Bapu Jul 25 2018 3:37:46 PM
Admin, so if i sell my 3 application than i got 1500*3 =4500, so can will go for it or take chance for allotment

admin Jul 25 2018 3:07:57 PM
QIB and RII fully subscribed at 3 PM.

Kaal Jul 25 2018 3:01:05 PM
Don't spread any rumors retail subscription is 3.25 to 3.50 as per application wise. 1X subscription need-597000 app.than calculate demat accounts

admin Jul 25 2018 2:15:45 PM
@Umesh, On listing day if you want to buy share in pre-order just put order at market price. You will get it.

admin Jul 25 2018 2:14:35 PM
@Hardik, Latest Price is 1700 rs. Ask once again to broker. That's all depend on the Luck. if your three application got allotment then you will be more happy then selling your application. :D All depend on luck.

Umesh Jul 25 2018 2:07:29 PM
How to buy ipo share in pre-open? Can I place "market order" or i have compulsorily place "limit order"? If market order then at what price will i get share at preopen price or at at listing price?

Hardik Jul 25 2018 1:39:39 PM
Hello admin jee 5 form bhare 1500 kstk me application sell karne se jyada return mile Ke sell kiye Bina rehne de

admin Jul 25 2018 1:39:39 PM
@Bapu, Allotment chance will be decided on last day. But allotment will be tough.

Bapu Jul 25 2018 1:21:55 PM
Dear admin i have 3 dmat account so weather i can get chance for allotment otherwise i will sell my 3 application in grey market around 1500 rs premium

Sam Jul 25 2018 12:30:07 PM
How can I able to get information about application wise subscription in Shareholder portion at NSE/BSE?? can some one able to give me the link ??

admin Jul 25 2018 12:14:23 PM
Latest GMP is updated in IPO GMP Section.

admin Jul 25 2018 12:14:10 PM
Thanks @VJ for response. You are valuable member.Thanks for contribution.

VJ Jul 25 2018 11:52:15 AM
@jay- yes

jay Jul 25 2018 10:56:26 AM
dear admin i have hdfc ltd share 10 and i apply ipo 39 share so i am aligeble for ipo shareholder?

admin Jul 25 2018 10:00:07 AM
@Sunder, You can apply in both category. Just make sure HDFC shareholder category value can not exceed from 2 lakh. if it exceed from 200000 then it will be treated as multiple bid.

Sunder Jul 25 2018 9:30:10 AM
Dear Admin, I wish to apply two application ie., as Retail Cust and HDFC Shareholder category. Retail would apply 13 shares (first lot), kindly let me how much MAX, I can apply as HDFC shareholder. Is it 156 shares or 169 Shares (as shareholder). Kindly revert

admin Jul 24 2018 2:55:31 PM
@Jay, in oversubscribe condition agree with @marvelous.. apply only one lot from all your different account.. make sure all account have a different PAN number means on different person name.... chance is either 0 or 1..

Marvelous Jul 24 2018 12:28:34 PM
@Jay There is No Chance of got allotment. Its Better you should use different Demat Account with Single Lot. If You applying for 5 Lots.Its Better to use 5 Different Accounts.Its Dam Sure Oversubscribe so chance for More Lot Allotment.

Jay Jul 24 2018 11:48:33 AM
Dear Admin Sir, in case of oversubscribe, i have applied more than 1 lot in each application than how many share allot in each application

admin Jul 24 2018 11:22:51 AM
GMP jumped sharply. GMP Updated in IPO GMP Section.

admin Jul 24 2018 11:21:41 AM
@Sunil, It's depend on Bank. some bank allow up to Five Application. But some allow only One. You can get details at Also Note for one pan only one application.

SUNIL Jul 24 2018 10:54:55 AM

SUNIL Jul 24 2018 10:54:55 AM

admin Jul 23 2018 3:24:39 PM
@Raja, only one application for one PAN. however you can apply for multiple lot in one application.. in case of over-subscribe only one lot is enough.

Raja Ganesh Jul 23 2018 2:01:05 PM
@ Admin, How many applications are allowed per PAN

admin Jul 23 2018 11:24:56 AM
Jump in GMP. GMP updated in IPO GMP section.

kiran Jul 22 2018 9:51:37 PM
Good IPO. I will apply with full force. I have 9 account.

admin Jul 20 2018 6:47:50 PM
@Hardik, expecting 10X+ subscription from retail. Lets wait and watch. It's very good IPO after long time.

Hardik Jul 20 2018 2:09:13 PM
Koi andaaj HDFC ipo retail ma ketlo gano bharase??

admin Jul 20 2018 10:25:52 AM
GMP has updated in IPO GMP discussion section.