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Add Shop Promotion Ltd IPO

Add Shop Promotion Ltd was started by Dinesh Pandya and his wife Jayshreeben Pandya on 15 August 2013.The Idea behind the starting of Add Shop Promotion Ltd is to remove unemployment and Unhealthiness citizens.Today around 21,000 familes are associated with this self employment.Add Shop Promotion Ltd have 200 authorized distribution center across 25 stateof our nation.Add Shop Promotion Ltd manufactures its high quality products through its own two fully automated manufacturing units which are FDA, HACCP, GMP, ISO 9001: 2008, ECOCERT, and KVIC (Khadi & Village Industrial Commission, Government of India) certified.

Main objects of the Add Shop are, 

1)Employment generation for our people specially for women. 

2)To Promote Ayurveda, which is an Indian heritage. 

3)Both founders are inspired by thoughts of Mahatma Gandhi. Hence, promotions of Khadi Clothing is also one of the main objects. Khadi cloth is always hand made by Khadi workers, so it generates vast self employment at grass root level specially into remote village area of our Nation. 

4)Organic Farming: Indian Economy / GDP is largely based on agriculture. 70 % of our industry is dependent on agriculture. 60 % of our population is directly associated with farming. To improve productivity as well profitability of agriculture is also into one of our main objects. Currently there is a vast use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides into Indian agriculture. Our object is to minimize this and divert farmers towards organic farming which increases profitability of farmers as well drastically reduce import bill of our Nation. Organic farming will improve soil quality, reduce pollution into our environment as well deadly deceases. With this care of mother nature in mind, Company is producing and distributing high quality organic products to farmers for their agriculture use as well organic cattle feed products for their livestock.

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