Ircon International Limited IPO GMP

Ircon International Limited IPO

Ircon International Limited (IRCON), a government company incorporated by the Central Government (Ministry of Railways) under the Companies Act, 1956 on 28th April, 1976 originally under the name Indian Railway Construction Company Limited, is the leading turnkey construction company in the public sector known for its quality, commitment and consistency in terms of Performance. IRCON has widespread operations in several States in India and in other countries(Malaysia, Nepal, Bangladesh, Mozambique,Ethiopia, Afganistan, U.K. Algeria & Sri Lanka Now).

IRCON is a specialized Constructions organization covering the entire spectrum of construction activities and services in the infrastructure sector. However, Railway and Highway Construction, EHP sub-station (engineering and constructions), and MRTS are the core competence areas of IRCON.

IRCON operates not only in a highly competitive environment but also in difficult terrains and regions in India and abroad and is an active participant in prestigious nation building projects. IRCON has so far completed more than 300 infrastructure projects in India and more than 100 projects across the globe in more than 21 countries.

Below are Details of Grey Market Premium (GMP) and Kostak Rate of Ircon International Limited IPO.Please note GMP is only work when subscription figure is high.Always looks for subscription figure before looking to Grey Market Premium (GMP).Grey Market Premium (GMP) may go up or down depend on Subscription figure.Subscription figure is available on Home page for main line IPO and SME page for SME IPO.

IdGrey Market PremiumKostak RateRate Date
1220-8 RsNILL27 Sep 2018
1182-9 RsNILL26 Sep 2018
1146-9 Rs (Steady)NIL25 Sep 2018
1106-9 RsNill24 Sep 2018
10610-15 Rs 21 Sep 2018
10320-25 Rs-20 Sep 2018
10025-30 Rs250 RS19 Sep 2018
9740-50 Rs250 Rs18 Sep 2018
9450-55 Rs250 Rs17 Sep 2018
9280-85 Rs300 Rs14 Sep 2018
9185-90 Rs300 Rs12 Sep 2018
9090-95 Rs300 Rs 11 Sep 2018
8995-100 Rs300 Rs (Subject to 3000)10 Sep 2018

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admin Sep 28 2018 10:58:10 AM
As expected, Discount listing. When HNI is not enough subscription. This will likely happen.

admin Sep 28 2018 10:56:57 AM
@Amit, Contact the bank they will surely help you. It should be Before 2 days

Rashesh Sep 27 2018 4:08:29 PM
@admin... Can we expect it to list at positive price or at downside due to market effect?

Marvelous Sep 27 2018 11:27:04 AM
0 out of 3. SBI amount is unblocked.CORPORATION BANK Still not Release. I think we should away some time

Amit manawat Sep 27 2018 9:56:38 AM
@admin please reply fast

Amit manawat Sep 27 2018 9:30:11 AM
@admin i applied ipo asba of ircon through kotak mahindra bank but till now my amount is not unblocked. Please help

admin Sep 27 2018 9:11:19 AM
Congratulation and best of luck all alloty. @Amit Manawat, It should be unblock.. which bank ?

Amit manawat Sep 26 2018 5:59:48 PM
Till now upto 6 pm my funds are not unblocked neither i have received messege about allotment of shares. Admin please help

Hardik Sep 26 2018 4:58:39 PM
Sirjee Mene 12 application suscribe ki hai. Kya hoga kitna down khulega Or mere Ko kitni application lagegi

Charsi Sep 26 2018 3:49:06 PM
@Dhaval : i got the message from my bank then i checked with lien created by bank..for 3 application , amount had been deducted and for rest lien was removed

Charsi Sep 26 2018 3:47:30 PM
@amit ...mine was unblocked arround 2.30.... Got 3 allotment out of 5..

Amit manawat Sep 26 2018 3:25:56 PM
Its 3.30 and till now funds are not unblocked and no allotment status

Amit manawat Sep 26 2018 3:25:24 PM
Its 3.30 and till now funds are not unblocked and no allotment status

Amit manawat Sep 26 2018 3:25:18 PM
Its 3.30 and till now funds are not unblocked and no allotment status

DHAVAL PADMASHALI Sep 26 2018 2:49:12 PM
@Charsi Pls Share the link to check allotment.

Charsi Sep 26 2018 2:46:51 PM
3 allotted out of 5 😕😕

Jaybrata Sep 26 2018 2:32:30 PM
@Marvelous, same happened to me. Very happy now. Manipulations are so heavy, it is impossible for retail investors to make any moderate and long term gain. Only traders are welcome here.

Marvelous Sep 26 2018 12:58:04 PM
Best Wishes for Not Getting Allotment. I have applied for 3 Lots.DONT NEED any1 this times

admin Sep 26 2018 11:38:45 AM
@Amit, It will be done by today.

admin Sep 26 2018 11:38:24 AM
@Rakesh, GMP same tha do din se.. Steady ka meaning no up no down.

Amit manawat Sep 26 2018 11:15:10 AM
Till now funds are not unblocked as today is 26th

Rakesh Sep 25 2018 9:14:01 PM
GMP RS 6-9 (Steady) bata raha hai... Iska kya matlab hota hai?

admin Sep 25 2018 2:48:59 PM
@Rakesh, It's seem listing gain difficult. Lets see. some positive to Flat listing expected.

admin Sep 25 2018 2:47:53 PM
Allotment will be come by tomorrow and ASBA will also blocked by tomorrow. Because of the Holiday on September 20,2018 The day will increase. Else it will be out today itself.

Amit manawat Sep 25 2018 12:27:14 PM
When will asba funds will be unblocked and allotment will be done

Rakesh Sep 24 2018 8:39:11 PM
Liating gain hoga ya nahi

admin Sep 24 2018 5:19:52 PM
@Dhaval, In retail application wise subscription is 8.41 times. so 8.41 : 1 is ratio.

DHAVAL PADMASHALI Sep 24 2018 3:57:57 PM
Whats the allotment ration as per subscription?

admin Sep 24 2018 2:56:49 PM
@Manoj Patel, allotment on 25 sepetember and listing on 28 sepetember.

Manoj Patel Sep 24 2018 12:15:10 PM
Please share allotment dt and listing date if anyone knows

Karan Sep 23 2018 3:59:00 PM
@admin yes, hoping the same.

admin Sep 21 2018 5:20:03 PM
@Karan, It's not bad subscription but when market is very much volatile and in bear grip this is not sufficient. Lets see from monday How market will react. Hope Bull is return soon before listing.

admin Sep 21 2018 5:14:29 PM
Cancellation is not allow after issue close. earlier it was allow up to Finalization of Basis of Allotment. But recently rule was changed. still you can call on +91 40 6716 2222.

DHAVAL PADMASHALI Sep 21 2018 3:16:40 PM
@Hardikbhai have cancel na thay bhai...

DHAVAL PADMASHALI Sep 21 2018 3:16:38 PM
@Hardikbhai have cancel na thay bhai...

Hardik Sep 21 2018 1:29:53 PM
Nagative mkt lage che to ipo minus javano hoy to cansel Kari daiye

Hardik Sep 21 2018 1:29:12 PM
Hello sir Mkt very bad Ipo ma su lage che minus khulse

Karan Sep 21 2018 12:12:43 PM
@admin Sirji subscription fegures is decent, we can't say it as bad

admin Sep 21 2018 11:02:35 AM
Because of weak subscription GMP is too much down. Latest GMP Updated in IPO GMP Section.

Karan Sep 21 2018 9:25:07 AM
GMP is falling due to the market. Today market is too good and GMP will increase today

admin Sep 20 2018 9:44:18 PM
@Naresh, Can you share the link for your source of information. First one is true. Now listing will happen in 3 days. so company will get fast money as well as investor money will not block unnecessary. For Second It's another option for retailer. Not a mandatory. It's option.

admin Sep 20 2018 9:42:30 PM
@Tarun kumar, In that case that person either get 0 or 1 in case of over subscription. In Ircon International Limited it will get either 0 or 1.

Naresh Sep 20 2018 8:10:11 PM
સેબી ની આજની બેઠક માં લિસ્ટિંગ સમય 3 દિવસ કરાયો છે જે અત્યારે 6 દિવસ છે હવે જે કંપની સેબી માં પ્રોસ્પેક્ટર્સ ફાઇલ કરે તેને એ નિયમ લાગુ પડશે અને બીજો ખરાબ ફેરફાર એ કર્યો છે કે ipo પેમેન્ટ સિસ્ટમ upi આધારિત કરશે એટલે કે હું અહીંથી ફોર્મ બીડ કરીશ જેનું ડિમેટ હશે એના ડિમેટ માં જે આધાર કાર્ડ હશે તેના આધાર કાર્ડ માં જે મોબાઈલ નંબર આપ્યો હોય (ડિમેટ માં આપ્યો હોય એ નમ્બર નહીં )તેમાં sms આવશે તેમાં રિપ્લે આપો એટલે બેન્ક માં પેમેન્ટ હોલ્ડ થશે ફોર્મ માં સહી કરવા આવવાની જરૂર નથી બીજા ના એકાઉન્ટ વાપરવા વાળા ને તકલીફ થશે કારણ કે તેના આધાર કાર્ડ માં જે મોબાઈલ નંબર આપ્યો હશે તેમાં મેસેજ જસે Is that true?

Tarun Kumar Sep 20 2018 7:12:26 PM
Hi Admin, Please tell me if someone buy a 8 Lot of IPO so that guy how much get?

admin Sep 20 2018 3:53:11 PM
@Tarun Kumar, in retail application wise subscription is 8.41 times. so 8.41 : 1 is ratio.

admin Sep 20 2018 3:52:29 PM
Final Figure is No.of Application are 922594 Retail Subscription application wise is 8.41 times.

Tarun Kumar Sep 20 2018 2:06:47 PM
How would IPO allotment of IRCON as it subscribed around 10X for retailer so what are the chances to get shares in allotment. Request you to please share the criteria for allotment. Please explain with example.

admin Sep 20 2018 12:58:33 PM
GMP has updated in IPO GMP section. please note today is market holiday so not much gmp movement. also subscription figure is not consider good. as HNI is less. lets see how listing will react.

B R Patel Sep 20 2018 12:30:13 PM
When GMP will be update?

Sanjib banik Sep 20 2018 12:10:28 PM
Gmp kitna ho sakta

admin Sep 19 2018 8:49:02 PM
@Robin Arora, GMP is not much changed from which mention in IPO GMP section. latest will be updated tomorrow.

Robin Arora Sep 19 2018 8:14:04 PM
admin what about GMP after good subscription figures..?

Ela Sep 19 2018 7:55:05 PM
HDFC - Cut off time is 5.00 pm

RasmiRanjan Sep 19 2018 6:12:46 PM
Hi my dear freinds,,, which bank gives cut off time upto 05.00PM for IPO Subscription on closing day.

admin Sep 19 2018 5:08:41 PM
Now only retail subscription will increased. For HNI and QIB it's closed. Now lets see How much subscription in retail at the end of the day.

admin Sep 19 2018 5:07:57 PM
Yes @Marvelous, Soon we will correct it.

Marvelous Sep 19 2018 5:04:18 PM
Hello AdminSir Sum Bug is Present in Your Sites. I think When Network Breaks then no of times same comment is Posted. Regards, Your Wisher :)

DHAVAL PADMASHALI Sep 19 2018 4:55:45 PM
@Rahul Please share the site or news channel name where you read about company got two deals?

admin Sep 19 2018 4:55:28 PM
@Marvelous, QIB is 50% of total issue. HNI is 15% of total issue. and retails is 35% of total issue. From above all total ration will be calculated.

admin Sep 19 2018 4:54:06 PM
@4:50 PM No.of Application are 795862 Retail Subscription application wise is 7.25 times.

Marvelous Sep 19 2018 4:42:59 PM
Hello Admin Sir . I want to know how you calculate Total Ratio. Here Total is 9.4625?????

Rahul Sep 19 2018 4:17:55 PM
Guyz important news this company just got two big deals that can be a game changer on monday

gopal Sep 19 2018 4:09:31 PM
Still one hour left to apply....

gopal Sep 19 2018 4:07:43 PM
Good subscription now what for allotment and for listing...Be positive for good listing..and always be positive...

gopal Sep 19 2018 4:05:53 PM
@Anshul you apply through SBI upto 2p.m only

Raja Ganesh Sep 19 2018 4:04:52 PM
What's the cut-off time for QIB & NII

Naresh Sep 19 2018 3:57:24 PM
3 time is very less, as there is only 15% for HNI, and they can bid from 2 lakhs..So not impressive figure. However i have applied 10 lot. bcs will get only 1-2 application as retail subscription is more here. lets hope for good profit booking on first day.

Dhan Ki Baat Sep 19 2018 3:57:21 PM
Subscription wise this is a FLOP SHOW, Listing me maza nahi aane wala

Karan Sep 19 2018 3:52:17 PM
Look at HNI now it's more than 3 Zooming....

ssbutle Sep 19 2018 3:48:38 PM
Will all retail individual investor get at least 1 lot in this over subscription situation?

Naresh Sep 19 2018 3:47:46 PM
I think price is high than RITES ipo, So may be open like BDL, HAL, and make fool to retailer. chances are more as HNI not shown much more interest.Also market condition is worst. Same happen in lagnam impex SME. Chances of listing gain are less, so better to wait and take the opprotunities at the time of listing.

Anshul Sep 19 2018 3:44:23 PM
I am trying to apply but it is not showing in ipo section. I am applying from my SBI account. Pls guide

Marvelous Sep 19 2018 3:42:18 PM
Now Its too Late for NII.. :( But Dont Forget LEmon Tree Hotel SUbs.. Same can happen here also.. May be possible we will not get listing Gain

admin Sep 19 2018 3:23:09 PM
@Ram Deo, Go ahead and apply but no more listing gain,

HIMANSHU Sep 19 2018 3:20:25 PM

Ram Deo Sep 19 2018 3:17:01 PM
Thanks everybody for sharing your views.

Avinash singh Sep 19 2018 3:12:46 PM
Admin ji ipo subscribe kar le. Please suggest.

Karan Sep 19 2018 3:10:33 PM
@Marvelous please say about HNI so it will also shoot up

MArvelous Sep 19 2018 3:04:00 PM
Let the QIB Counter Overtake 25.So We can Relax ...IF My comment is Dependant for QIB i will make comment on First Day @Admin Sir.

admin Sep 19 2018 3:00:50 PM
@rohit sharma, in bse nse details bud MF line is given. have a look.

Ram Deo Sep 19 2018 2:59:08 PM
Each employee can apply upto 5 Lakhs in employee quota

Rohit Sharma Sep 19 2018 2:54:41 PM
Can mutual funds apply for ipo ?

Amit manawat Sep 19 2018 2:50:14 PM
Mutual funds have bidded for 1600000 shares

J k maurya Sep 19 2018 2:47:38 PM
Almost all eligible employees have applied as per their full strength...

Palani Sep 19 2018 2:45:39 PM
Mutual fund toll now 0

admin Sep 19 2018 2:45:26 PM
@Ram deo, go for only some application. even if you go with all the allotment is tough in retail section

J k maurya Sep 19 2018 2:45:20 PM
There is approx. 1200 employee. If all employee apply for rs. 2L. 5L shares could not cover. Also some of the employees have applied in retail. Hence 28% application is reasonable.

Karan Sep 19 2018 2:44:55 PM
@Ram deo Employee has applied in full force Company has around 1175 employees, if every employee bid for one lot than it would subscribe around 1.6cr but here it got subscribe around 6-7 cr in employee so employees have subscribed more than one lot

Ram Deo Sep 19 2018 2:43:19 PM
@Admin What is your call

Ram Deo Sep 19 2018 2:39:20 PM
Even employees are not applying in full strength.

Karan Sep 19 2018 2:39:07 PM
@ram deo Thanks for reducing the competition

Ram Deo Sep 19 2018 2:37:30 PM
No scope of listing gain. I have withdrawn my application.

Karan Sep 19 2018 2:29:01 PM
@Admin Subscription fegures has increased now. I think now GMP should increase

admin Sep 19 2018 2:23:29 PM
@Karan, GMP is updated in IPO GMP Section. If subscription figure keep low then may down.

Karan Sep 19 2018 2:16:49 PM
@Admin What is GMP now ?

admin Sep 19 2018 2:15:48 PM
still need more subscription for listing gain. @Raja Ganesh.. if you can wait...

Raja Ganesh Sep 19 2018 2:12:51 PM
@Admin, need ur advice

Karan Sep 19 2018 2:12:28 PM
Zoom zoom zoom

Charsi Sep 19 2018 2:11:57 PM
Ab laga do...

admin Sep 19 2018 2:11:43 PM
Right @Palani.

Palani Sep 19 2018 1:59:52 PM
So in that case if the oversubscription is exactly 1x,then what ever the lot he/she is applying,they will get full..Am.i right else no.point in blocking full ircon since it's already 6x,better to apply 1 lot...

Ram Sep 19 2018 1:53:15 PM
Should i invest?

Raja Ganesh Sep 19 2018 1:52:54 PM
@ Admin, I've applied for 2 lots thru 2 different demat accounts. I've another 3 demat accounts, what's ur advice whether to proceed with remaining 3 or how?

Piyush Sep 19 2018 1:52:48 PM
What is “cut offs” and “price bids”?

admin Sep 19 2018 1:52:27 PM
@Palani, no difference. you will either get 0 or 1. it is unnecessary blockage of amount.

Palani Sep 19 2018 1:49:46 PM
Admin,plsadvice.Will there be any difference by applying 1 lot of applying 14x to get confirmed allotment if in case you gets oversubscribed at 13 x as an example

admin Sep 19 2018 1:46:29 PM
@Suraj tank, today different bank have a different closing time. not fix 3 pm. hdfc will close subscription at 4 pm. all other bank details link given at home page.

Suraj Tank Sep 19 2018 1:45:24 PM
Oh yes found it!! Thank you

admin Sep 19 2018 1:45:21 PM
@Piyush, in oversubscription either you will get either zero or 1 lot. so better apply only one lot at cut off price.

Suraj Tank Sep 19 2018 1:42:38 PM
No I mean the time today. 3pm right ?

PIyush Sep 19 2018 1:37:53 PM
Will I get shares allotted if I apply only one lot as the issue is multiple times oversubscribed??

Charsi Sep 19 2018 1:37:51 PM
No further movement expected 😒😒

vj Sep 19 2018 1:35:35 PM
stopped again :P

Charsi Sep 19 2018 1:32:11 PM
@admin : for my GK i want to know the link of the source of your update. Because i tried many time on BSE and NSE, data shown there was not updated.

admin Sep 19 2018 1:26:17 PM
@Suraj Tank, link is given on home page

Raja Ganesh Sep 19 2018 1:26:02 PM
@ Suraj, it's available in the home page of

admin Sep 19 2018 1:25:46 PM
@Piyush, only one lot.

Suraj Tank Sep 19 2018 1:23:25 PM
What it the deadline time to apply from banks for retail ? Thank you

PIyush Sep 19 2018 1:22:18 PM
Thanks admin. Also, how many lots to apply as I only have 1 account t.

gopal Sep 19 2018 1:21:58 PM
I really waiting mutual fund to enter....HNI applying so slowly..

admin Sep 19 2018 1:20:58 PM
@Charsi, still we have time. wait.

admin Sep 19 2018 1:20:01 PM
for QIB.. "picutre abhi baki hai mere dost.." 2-2:30 hone do..

Charsi Sep 19 2018 1:19:23 PM
Whats ur call admin ?... Laga de ipo

admin Sep 19 2018 1:18:56 PM
@Piyush, it doesn't matter. uf you have cdsl account like zerodha , angel, sherkhan then it will go to bse... other accounts like Icici direct will go for nse.

Piyush Sep 19 2018 1:15:07 PM
Where to apply? NSE or BSE?

admin Sep 19 2018 1:14:52 PM
just joke :: QIB take Mavelous comment seriously.. ☺️☺️

Sep 19 2018 1:14:48 PM
QIB are here..

gopal Sep 19 2018 1:13:19 PM
Marvelous they started they 2 times oversubscribed..😂😂

admin Sep 19 2018 1:13:09 PM
QIB jumping now stay tune !!!

vj Sep 19 2018 1:12:02 PM
stopped again :P

vj Sep 19 2018 1:12:02 PM
stopped again :P

Marvelous Sep 19 2018 1:09:13 PM
QIB is 0.121 is Nothing. No of RII is Cont... Increased. We will not get Listing Gain. I am Thinking of REVOKE MY Application

gopal Sep 19 2018 1:02:10 PM
Charsi Now started

Charsi Sep 19 2018 12:59:09 PM

Karan Sep 19 2018 12:38:58 PM
QIB bid started

admin Sep 19 2018 12:35:16 PM
@Avinash Singh, wait for more time. Picture will be clear.

Avinash singh Sep 19 2018 12:31:27 PM
Admin ji kya kare ipo le ya nahi.kuch samajh nahi aa raha .please suggest. Because this is my first ipo.

admin Sep 19 2018 12:29:31 PM
Yes @Ram Deo, Please wait for 2:30 PM. Picture will be clear.

gopal Sep 19 2018 12:28:08 PM
Ram Deo they always response between 1:30 to 2:30 we have wait till 2:30

Ram Deo Sep 19 2018 12:25:03 PM
As there is not enough response from QIB & NII, Should we withdraw our applications? Who will buy our shares after listing?

admin Sep 19 2018 12:22:31 PM
@Charsi, Above is current Figure only. QIB is 0.0092 times only. Respective time given on BSE and NSE table. All subscription is live from BSE and NSE data.

Ram Sep 19 2018 12:21:49 PM
Will LIC invest if no other QIB. Take risk in it ???

Charsi Sep 19 2018 12:19:08 PM
Admin : can we get current QIB figure ??

gopal Sep 19 2018 12:08:34 PM
Just wait till 1:30 all section oversubscribed expect Employee Reserved

Charsi Sep 19 2018 12:05:20 PM
@admin : agreed, thats why waiting till 2.30. then after will decide whether apply or not .

admin Sep 19 2018 12:01:38 PM
@Charsi, Retail is over subscribed almost 5 times. so retail will get if HNI is under subscribe. But if HNI and QIB are under subscribe then Discount listing may possible. No premium will be called in that case.

Charsi Sep 19 2018 11:51:31 AM
@VJ...what if HNI is also not fully subscribed?

admin Sep 19 2018 11:50:30 AM
@11:50 AM No.of Application are 415215 Retail Subscription application wise is 3.78 times.

Jayesh Sep 19 2018 11:50:23 AM
I am retail investment this is my first ipo how much quantity will apply

Naresh Sep 19 2018 11:33:44 AM
Thanks admin, I am thinking to add few application ,and later. If good than apply through some agent who can fill till 6 or 8 pm today

admin Sep 19 2018 11:23:05 AM
@Naresh, HNI and QIB are not strong till time. Wait for a 1:30 PM and if QIB > 10X and HNI > 20x then only strongly apply. Else you can apply only few application.

admin Sep 19 2018 11:22:03 AM
@Ram Deo, retail application and application wise subscription shortly available on Stay tune.

Naresh Sep 19 2018 11:21:10 AM
Dear admin I have 32 application closing time for bank is 2 pm , what to do? How many apply?

Vj Sep 19 2018 11:01:24 AM
@charsi it will be given to HNIs then

Ram Deo Sep 19 2018 10:57:51 AM
From which official website we can get no of retail applications?

Charsi Sep 19 2018 10:57:00 AM
What happen if QIB portion npt fully subscribed?

Karan Sep 19 2018 10:53:20 AM
GMP is 26-28

Amit Sep 19 2018 10:46:58 AM
@Admin. What is today GMP?

Prabhash Sep 19 2018 10:31:12 AM
I have bought 2 lot. no doubt it will give profit at list 100 +

admin Sep 19 2018 10:12:29 AM
@Vaibhav, For expected opening we have to wait for subscription figure. QIB and HNI must be high for Positive listing.

admin Sep 19 2018 10:11:55 AM
@10:10 AM No.of Application are 264458 Retail Subscription application wise is 2.41 times.

Vaibhav Sep 19 2018 10:01:38 AM
How many application done till time? And expected opening?

admin Sep 19 2018 7:29:55 AM
@Rahul sahni, go for one lot at cutoff price. apply from different account (family,friends). in this case you have good chance of allotment. if you want to apply in HNI then my suggestion is wait for 1-2 PM for subscription figure

Rahul Sahni Sep 18 2018 10:02:55 PM
Thanks admin + i should go for one one lot will give me more chances or sholud i go for full 420 at 1 go I have rec only 13 share of hdfc when i bid for 13 lot and no share of rites when i bid for 100000 rs Plz suggest ro get share as i am retail and it has been already been over sub

Karan Sep 18 2018 8:59:17 PM
Agree with you Harish, it will shoot up tomorrow. It will subscribe beyond people's expactations

admin Sep 18 2018 8:39:00 PM
No.of Application are 246176 Retail Subscription application wise is 2.24 times.

Harish Sep 18 2018 6:41:31 PM
Apply with full potential. Will shoot up tomorrow. At least RS 120 up listing.

admin Sep 18 2018 6:01:12 PM
@Avinash Singh, wait for tomorrow. Picture will be clear.

Avinash singh Sep 18 2018 5:58:15 PM
Admin ji kya kare ipo le ya nahi.kuch samajh nahi aa raha .please suggest. Because this is my first ipo.

admin Sep 18 2018 5:09:26 PM
@Rahul Sahni, IPO Grey Market is an unofficial market where IPO applications or shares are buy and sell before they become officially available for trading on the stock exchange. In Short sweet story, you can take example. You have One Mobile. You fix price is 10,000 but some one is asking for 11,000 other are asking for 11,100. So this all are GMP (11,100 - 10,000 = 1,100). This GMP will weight on listing price as demand is more. But But GMP always depend on Subscription figure. if subscription is not good then GMP will not take much time to come down or even negative.

admin Sep 18 2018 5:03:13 PM
@Rahul Sahni, Apply at cut off price. And also applied from all family member account. Apply one one lot at Cut off price.

Kaal Sep 18 2018 5:02:04 PM
Gmp- 21/22

rahul sahni Sep 18 2018 4:53:19 PM
can anybody explain grey market premium. & how its been calculated and what are its advantage at ipo

rahul sahni Sep 18 2018 4:47:28 PM
i want ircon share & i am a first time ipo person plz help if i want to get share can i place a req at more than max price like 480 to get full 420 share limit 200000

rahul sahni Sep 18 2018 4:45:48 PM
can anybody explain grey market premium. & how its been calculated and what are its advantage

admin Sep 18 2018 2:33:26 PM
@2:30 PM No.of Application are 149933 Retail Subscription application wise is 1.37 times.

Keyur Sep 18 2018 2:07:42 PM
Subscription figures will boost now onwards

admin Sep 18 2018 1:16:37 PM
@Raja Ganesh, don't be in hurry. wait for tomorrow subscription. however if you wish to apply today then go for only 1 or 2.

Raja Ganesh Sep 18 2018 12:46:02 PM
@ Admin, advice me ur opinion, I've 5 demat accounts. If yes, shall I apply thru 5 different accounts? Will it be like RITES & HDFC AMC...

admin Sep 18 2018 11:26:41 AM
Latest GMP has updated in IPO GMP Section.

admin Sep 18 2018 10:31:04 AM
@10:30 AM No.of Application are 80940 Retail Subscription application wise is 0.74 times.

MarvelousMaster Sep 17 2018 4:11:14 PM
Let's see what Happen 2morrrow. I think QIB Will come in Action From 2morrow.Retail is 0.76.Its Good Number

Arihant jain Sep 17 2018 2:39:38 PM
I hope gopal sir all goes according to what you said but for that we have to wait for the last day .

gopal Sep 17 2018 12:44:13 PM
Arihant jain I don't think's will fully itself if QIB & NII started invested today itself, mostly they invested for third day..As Retailer it's going strong.

Arihant jain Sep 17 2018 12:22:23 PM
Admin I think that it will be a repeat of credit access . It also was showing this much GMP before the issue open but after that it vanished and didn't even got fully subscribed . I think with the erosion of GMP on daily basis can it be the same case .

admin Sep 17 2018 11:14:23 AM
GMP has updated in IPO GMP Section.

admin Sep 17 2018 9:20:11 AM
Good morning All, Today Ircon International Limited IPO will open. Live Subscription will be available approx arround 10:30 AM. Stay Tune !!!!!! It will be rock.

admin Sep 14 2018 11:46:42 AM
Latest GMP is updated in IPO GMP Section. GMP is decreasing day by day.

admin Sep 12 2018 2:06:45 PM
@MarvelousMaster, It will be add by today. Better is Ircon International limited. Lets see How investor will react.

MarvelousMaster Sep 12 2018 12:28:28 PM
Hello,Admin Sir, Whats the Details of Garden Reach Shipbuilders & Engineers Limited IPO.?? Which is Best among this???

admin Sep 12 2018 11:18:21 AM
GMP slight down. Latest GMP Updated in IPO GMP Section.

admin Sep 11 2018 11:32:47 AM
Latest GMP has updated in IPO GMP Section.

Mannu Sep 10 2018 9:05:00 PM
Thnx.. @Admin

admin Sep 10 2018 11:42:04 AM
GMP has updated in IPO GMP Section. It will be rock if subscription figure support. Stay tune !!!

Mannu Sep 10 2018 11:05:32 AM
GMP is not updated

admin Sep 8 2018 11:57:06 AM
This will be rock like RITES. 10 rs discount for Retail. Attractive price.

kiran Sep 7 2018 8:30:56 PM
GMP started. Subject to 900 GMP 47-50

Kalpesh Sep 7 2018 10:38:58 AM
After long time good 1 is coming