Aavas Financiers Limited IPO GMP

Aavas Financiers Limited IPOAAVAS is primarily engaged in the business of providing housing loan to customers belonging to low and middle income segment in semi-urban and rural areas. These are credit worthy customers who may or may not have the income proof documents like IT return, salary slip and hence are financially excluded by other large housing finance companies and banks. AAVAS uses unique appraisal methodology to assess these customers individually. The financing solution need to be appropriated and suitable to them.

Aavas Financiers Limited is target the people who are either self-employed, running small businesses like providing transportation facilities in auto rickshaw or other vehicles, running grocery shops, tiffin centers, beauty parlous and other businesses or these customers are carrying out business of agri or animal husbandry products in rural areas or salaried class people who are carrying out small jobs in private or public sector.

Number of Branches of Aavas Financiers Limited

StateNumber of Branches
Rajasthan 72
Maharashtra 35
MP 26
Gujarat 29
UP 1
Delhi 2
Haryana 3
Chhattisgarh 5
Total No. of Branches 173

AAVAS is engaged in 3 types of products mentioned below under its housing finance business:-1) Finance for PurchaseThe product is designed to purchase individual dwelling units, flats in low cost buildings, detached and semi-detached units, cluster units, and residential units. This is also applicable for properties under construction or ready built property2) Finance for ConstructionThe product is designed to offer loans for construction on a plot of land, which has been already acquired.3)Finance for Home ExtensionThis product is designed to offer loans to individuals for extension of an existing home unit, which can include construction of additional rooms, floors etc.

AAVAS also launched “Special Urban Low Income Housing Product” and “Specific Women Ownership Product” in line with NHB’s refinance scheme for the Special Urban Housing Refinance Scheme for Low Income Households and Refinance Scheme for Women.

Below are Details of Grey Market Premium (GMP) and Kostak Rate of Aavas Financiers Limited IPO.Please note GMP is only work when subscription figure is high.Always looks for subscription figure before looking to Grey Market Premium (GMP).Grey Market Premium (GMP) may go up or down depend on Subscription figure.Subscription figure is available on Home page for main line IPO and SME page for SME IPO.

IdGrey Market PremiumKostak RateRate Date
1235-10 Rs (Too much drop)NILL27 Sep 2018
11915-20 RsNILL26 Sep 2018
11545-50 RsNILL25 Sep 2018
11140-45 Rs (crashed)Nill24 Sep 2018
107110-120 Rs500 Rs21 Sep 2018
105150-160 rs600 Rs20 Sep 2018
102145-160 Rs600 Rs19 Sep 2018
99136-142 Rs600 Rs18 Sep 2018
96130-145 Rs600 Rs (Subject to 2000)17 Sep 2018

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admin Sep 27 2018 11:01:12 PM
@Abid, its all impact of negative market.

Abid Sep 27 2018 10:29:29 PM
Ye kiya ho rha h dub gay kiya

admin Sep 27 2018 4:37:57 PM
if open in down then take for a long term. company is good.

VD MASTER Sep 27 2018 3:58:56 PM

JRD Sep 27 2018 1:13:20 PM
100 % Chances of Date extension, due to poor response from Retail. NBFC is very sensitive counter now a days, better to skip ipo and can available below ipo price within a day or 2 after listing.

admin Sep 27 2018 11:02:18 AM
GMP is too much down. Updated in IPO GMP Section.

admin Sep 26 2018 11:02:21 AM
GMP is too much down. Latest GMP updated in IPO GMP Section. Hope subscription will increase so GMP will improve.

sushil Sep 26 2018 10:16:17 AM
QIB is managed show...retail did not showed interest on first day...let's wait for day 2 or 3...If miracle happens..surely, something is managed or window dressed as usual...hahaha.

admin Sep 26 2018 10:12:31 AM
@Kal, My suggestion is wait for last day subscription figure before applying 18 lot.

Kaal Sep 25 2018 5:41:19 PM
@admin thnx I think to apply for 18 lot

Ravi Sep 25 2018 5:17:17 PM
Very rare , like this qib came early than domestic, retailer...it may be boooom tomorrow...

admin Sep 25 2018 4:00:07 PM
wait for subscription. today market was up. rally in financials. if market rally tomorrow. subscription may shout up.

Kaal Sep 25 2018 3:03:33 PM
Subscribe. Or Sell & apply. ?????

sushil Sep 25 2018 12:35:37 PM
lagta hai ye to gaya

admin Sep 24 2018 2:55:18 PM
GMP is crashed. Latest GMP updated in IPO GMP section

admin Sep 21 2018 11:04:37 AM
GMP is down because of Low subscription of Ircon International Limited IPO. Latest GMP updated in IPO GMP Section.

admin Sep 20 2018 12:59:34 PM
GMP has updated in IPO GMP section. please note today is market holiday so not much gmp movement

admin Sep 18 2018 11:27:08 AM
Latest GMP has updated in IPO GMP Section.

admin Sep 17 2018 9:59:35 PM
Latest GMP has been updated in IPO GMP Section