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Dinesh Engineers Limited IPO Details

Dinesh Engineers Limited was incorporated in 2006, Dinesh Engineers Limited are working towards executing the fiber laying work for many Telecom Operators.

Dinesh Engineers Limited are a communication infrastructure provider Company in India, focused on providing passive communication infrastructure services mainly to the Telecom operators and internet service providers (“ISPs”).Starting in 2011, Dinesh Engineers Limited has come a long way 7,000+ Kms across the states of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Goa and Rajasthan. These networks are currently being used by companies like BSNL, Airtel, Vodafone, Idea Cellular, Reliance Jio, TTML and TCIL.Dinesh Engineers Limited are also engaged in the Operations & Maintenance Activities of optical fibre networks.

Ever since registering Company as an IP-1 Infrastructure Provider, Dinesh Engineers Limited have created own optical fibre network of around 6,000 Kms. which runs across the states of Maharashtra, Goa, Telangana, Rajasthan and Karnataka. Dinesh Engineers Limited wired network infrastructure is used by leading Telcos such as Airtel, BSNL, Reliance Jio, Vodafone, Idea, Tata Communications etc. which helps them inter-alia in increasing network’s bandwidth, maximizing existing network capacity, improving network performance and availability.

Dinesh Engineers Limited are offer below services.
1)OFC Network Roll-out for Telco
2)OFC Network Roll-out as Infrastructure Provider
3)Duct Leasing
4)Fiber Pair Leasing
5)FTTx Rollout
6)OFC Roll-out for Smart City
7)Operation & Maintenance of Passive OSP Network

Below are Details of Grey Market Premium (GMP) and Kostak Rate of Dinesh Engineers Limited IPO.Please note GMP is only work when subscription figure is high.Always looks for subscription figure before looking to Grey Market Premium (GMP).Grey Market Premium (GMP) may go up or down depend on Subscription figure.Subscription figure is available on Home page for main line IPO and SME page for SME IPO.

IdGrey Market PremiumKostak RateRate Date
125NILLNILL27 Sep 2018
121NILLNILL26 Sep 2018
117NILLNILL25 Sep 2018
113NillNill24 Sep 2018
109NILLNILL21 Sep 2018

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naresh Jan 23 2019 4:40:33 PM
Dear Admin, Xelpmoc Design ipo details yet not added. kindly add and provide review.

admin Oct 3 2018 11:01:32 PM
This ipo has been cancelled. failed ipo in market..

Sha Oct 3 2018 2:58:21 PM
@admin what wil b the fate of this ipo extension of date with altered price band or ipo getting cancelled

Naresh Oct 3 2018 1:42:13 PM
Dear admin, what is the procedure for allotment in ipo, it is same for all or different for different ipo.

admin Oct 3 2018 12:07:32 PM
@Naresh Rajgor, what is secret tip ? It's seem subscription not up to mark. still wait for QIB action if any.

Naresh Rajgor Oct 3 2018 11:33:13 AM
dear admin, got secret tip to apply. kindly guide

Naresh Rajgor Oct 3 2018 11:33:12 AM
dear admin, got secret tip to apply. kindly guide

admin Oct 1 2018 4:27:52 PM
wait for last day. still picture is not clear. IPO trend is navigate for now.

Oct 1 2018 4:04:00 PM
Apply or not in dinesh eng..

admin Sep 30 2018 8:12:02 PM
IPO which is of less than Rs 250 Crore gets listed in T group listing. T Group or Trade-to-trade (T2T) or T segment is the segment in which no intra-day trading is allowed, you have to take delivery only.

Ravi Sep 29 2018 10:59:38 AM
What is meaning of "T" group??

admin Sep 22 2018 8:55:12 PM
@Prasath Kumar, Yes. still there is no GMP

Prasath Kumar Sep 22 2018 6:02:04 PM
No GMP for today also?

admin Sep 21 2018 11:06:11 AM
No GMP Started. Daily GMP will updated in IPO GMP Section.

admin Sep 20 2018 9:54:30 PM
@Dhaval, T group does not make any effect on Listing Price. However, The circuit is apply is 5% on Listing day. For other it will be 20%. Also you can not do intraday (Same day buy and Sell) on T group stock. In past IPO like Apollo Micro, Astron Paper, Salasar is super duper hit on listing. Because of small size , the demand is huge. as per demand GMP and subscription is high and listed at very good premium.

DHAVAL PADMASHALI Sep 20 2018 3:44:51 PM
@Admin How T group company effect on listing day of that company?