GMP and Other Discussion for Dolfin Rubbers Limited

Dolfin Rubbers Limited IPO

Dolfin Rubbers Limited was started in 1997 with a small manufacturing unit of auto and adv tubes at Humbran which is about 16 km away from Ludhiana and by Almightys grace, now Dolfin Rubbers Limited
have one of the biggest network in almost each and every corner of India.

Dolfin Rubbers Limited product is also available in Bangladesh, Bhutan, Egypt, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. But main market is India only.

At present Dolfin Rubbers Limited are manufacturing almost all fast moving sizes from Mopeds, Scooters, Motorcycles, Cars, Jeeps, Tractors, SCV,LCV, ADV., to Trucks. Keeping in view of your expectations of our quality standard and to give full value of your money, Dolfin Rubbers Limited
take special care from procuring raw material to packing of finished goods.

all tubes are being manufactured with specially developed HEAT RESISTANT COMPOUND which gives almost twice air retention and can be used freely even on high speed cars or heavy loaded trucks.

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