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ICL Multitrading India Limited (ICLM) IPO

ICL Multitrading India Limited (ICLM) is customer centric food and agri-business company, dedicated to improving the quality of life of consumers and augmenting the productivity of farmers by innovative product and services at affordable price.ICL Multitrading India Limited (ICLM) company products in segments like Food and Beverage, Health and Wellness, Milk and Dairy offer customer delight and products in Agri and Allied Sectors help farmers produce more at lower cost with high quality. ICL Multitrading India Limited (ICLM) are reputed brand in UP and hold leading top of the mind brand recall position.Continuous innovation is key strategy at ICLM to launch new products for both consumers and farmers.

In Agri and Allied , ICL Multitrading India Limited (ICLM) are investing heavily to launch Super Compost for farmers, which is not only affordable but capable to increase the farmers’ yield by up to 50% in sustainable manner without affecting the environment and farming ecosystem.

In Food and Beverages , ICL Multitrading India Limited (ICLM) are also working on fortified water which will be unique in terms of its utility and effectiveness.

In Milk and Dairy , ICL Multitrading India Limited (ICLM) are working collaborations with companies with superlative technology and innovative product in Milk and Dairy segment to make these products available for company customers back in country.

In Health and Wellness , ICL Multitrading India Limited (ICLM) are continuously working with partners to offer the best herbal products for diabetes, hypertension and related ailments, which are effective and have no side effects. ICL Multitrading India Limited (ICLM) are also in the process of launching many new wellness products for the consumers.

In Agri and Allied , ICL Multitrading India Limited (ICLM) have collaborated with an USA based firm to produce cost-effective eco-friendly Super Compost for the farmers’ community.

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Sudhir sharma Nov 22 2018 12:12:12 PM
ICL Multitrading ltd. @85 TGt 95 on opening day

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Thank you very much sir

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Deep Nov 20 2018 7:05:29 PM
Please give reviews about ICL IPO.. Should i subscribe or not?