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Neogen Chemicals Ltd is a 27 year old company specialising
in Bromine based compounds, Grignard Reagents and
Inorganic Lithium Salts.

The company was founded by Mr H T Kanani, a chemical
engineer from IIT Mumbai.

Over the years Neogen has developed several Bromine
based intermediates and is a leading manufacturer of these
products to pharmaceutical agrochemical and other specialty
chemical companies in India Europe and Japan with leading
Innovator and Generic companies as its customers.

A number of Neogen customers have been with Neogen for a
long time.

Apart from Bromination and Grignard chemistry, Neogen
has also developed competencies in other related
chemistries like Alkylation, Acylation, Friedel Craft,
Couplings Chlorination etc.

With the acquisition of a new manufacturing site in
Karkhadi, Vadodara, we are able to carry out multiple step
synthesis in equipment of various sizes. Neogen is also
focusing on Custom Synthesis and Contract Manufacturing.
Work has already commenced in this area with customers
in Japan and Europe.

Apart from catering to the domestic market, the company has,
so far, exported to 27 countries in the world including USA,
UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Canada,
South Korea, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Sweden,
Denmark, Greece, Poland, Czech Republic, UAE, Saudi Arabia,
Israel, Egypt, Taiwan, Australia, Ireland, and China.
Among these, Europe (UK, Spain, France, Germany and Italy),
USA, and Japan remain the largest markets outside of India

Below are Details of Grey Market Premium (GMP) and Kostak Rate of Neogen Chemicals Limited IPO.Please note GMP is only work when subscription figure is high.Always looks for subscription figure before looking to Grey Market Premium (GMP).Grey Market Premium (GMP) may go up or down depend on Subscription figure.Subscription figure is available on Home page for main line IPO and SME page for SME IPO.

IdGrey Market PremiumKostak RateRate Date
16242-47 RsNILL02 May 2019
16342-47 RsNILL02 May 2019
16140-45 RsNILL30 Apr 2019
16033-38 RsNILL26 Apr 2019
15932-38 RsNILL25 Apr 2019
15820-25 RsNILL24 Apr 2019
15720-25 RsNILL23 Apr 2019

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admin Jun 25 2019 10:04:58 PM
Sorry guys. I am really sorry for not updating on the time. It is available now. It will be now on-time all days. Appreciate your effort to waiting for the update. Thank you.

vj Jun 25 2019 11:46:12 AM
@admin - You there?

Arihant jain Jun 24 2019 11:24:56 PM
This site doesn't seem to be with the pace of the market and peers. No updations at regular intervals .

Naresh Jun 24 2019 8:02:27 PM
Add new ipo pls

vj Jun 24 2019 11:06:14 AM
Add new IPO and sme ipo page for sub figures

Rajesh Jun 23 2019 8:44:36 AM
Please update website regularly .It has been long time that updated last time.Add SME IPO details regularly .Also add main ipo details of upcoming.Add recommendation from different BROKERAGE HOUSES AND WELL KNOWN INVESTORS.Update GMP REGULARLY FOR MAIN IPO AS WELL SME IPO .

admin May 2 2019 11:39:18 AM
GMP has been updated in IPO GMP section. Hoping for Good listing. Best of luck all for allotment.

dhruval shah May 2 2019 1:53:27 AM
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Dhruval shah May 2 2019 1:52:43 AM
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admin Apr 30 2019 10:36:15 AM
GMP has been updated in IPO GMP Section

admin Apr 26 2019 7:20:29 PM
@Kishan, Not after 4 PM. But as per bank closing time for IPO. Closing time for different bank given in IPO FAQ section.

Jj Apr 26 2019 6:28:15 PM
Listing 9may

Keshab Apr 26 2019 5:58:03 PM
Listing date 8-5-19

Keshab Apr 26 2019 5:51:37 PM
Are you sure ? Premium high

Chand Apr 26 2019 5:47:59 PM
Allotment date:3/5/19 Premium Rs45/-

Hardik Apr 26 2019 5:20:59 PM
Are bhai jene bharvo hoy tene Bhari devo ketla ghano bharayo e badhu jovama rahi javay

Rajneesh Apr 26 2019 5:00:12 PM
This will list minimum @20% premium.

K D VorA Apr 26 2019 4:34:29 PM
Allotment Date & Listing Date ????

Jj Apr 26 2019 3:58:51 PM
107× HNI

VJ Apr 26 2019 3:45:58 PM
Those who said not good in the start also applied 3-4 application. LOL

Kaal Apr 26 2019 3:17:18 PM
Now hni 59x

Kishan Apr 26 2019 3:09:52 PM
Admin always say after 4 pm apply and it's too late for retail investor

Vishy Apr 26 2019 2:59:53 PM
As qii buy at last time , in 30 minutes qii buy 15x time.

VJ Apr 26 2019 2:44:34 PM

RAJA GANESH J Apr 26 2019 2:42:29 PM
Admin, shall we apply as cut off time for the most of the banks are 2/3 PM. Need ur advice

Mudit Apr 26 2019 1:09:01 PM
I have applied Want to know is good to hold or sell the application is good?

Akash Apr 26 2019 1:04:03 PM
Apply or not???

admin Apr 26 2019 10:47:19 AM
@Akash, Wait for the last moment. Look for subscription figure. if QIB > 10 x and HNI > 20x ( In first table QIB should be more then 10 and HNI more then 20) then Apply.

Akash Apr 26 2019 10:34:30 AM
Apply or not???

Akash Apr 26 2019 10:34:27 AM
Apply or not???

admin Apr 26 2019 10:33:45 AM
GMP has been upgraded in IPO GMP section. If QIB > 10x And HNI > 20x then Go for it.

Prasann Apr 25 2019 5:22:14 PM
Thanks Admin..

Kaal Apr 25 2019 4:07:32 PM
Some broker send msg sell & apply

admin Apr 25 2019 11:14:44 AM
@Prasann, SME live subscription is updated. Enjoy..

Naresh Apr 25 2019 11:14:26 AM
It will open in T Group, so be cautious... Bcs may not get chances of buying or selling after listing.....bcs of 5 or 10% limitation.

admin Apr 25 2019 10:49:17 AM
GMP has updated in IPO GMP Section. GMP always depend on Subscription figure. It will speedy decrease or increase depend on last day subscription figure.

Apr 25 2019 10:27:41 AM
GMP 35 TO 40 RS

admin Apr 25 2019 9:41:03 AM
@Prasann, Thanks for the noticing. Will do it.. People not interested much so stopped it but will do once again..

Prasann Apr 24 2019 11:54:45 PM
Please start SME subscription information. After Ritco it will be not updated.

admin Apr 24 2019 11:16:22 PM
GMP has been updated in IPO GMP section.

admin Apr 24 2019 11:16:06 PM
Sorry for the late in showing live subscription page. There was some technical challenge. It was resolved and available.

hire Apr 24 2019 12:08:23 PM
i think due to election time investor feel risk so we should avoid it for now.. if any one want to purchase he can purchase after listing for long term

Naresh Apr 24 2019 11:40:05 AM
live subscription data not available?

Apr 24 2019 10:57:50 AM
live subscription data not available why have any idea

Shamli Apr 23 2019 3:14:02 PM
Not good....

AS Rana Apr 23 2019 3:12:33 PM
Very High Valuation

Jeewan Dutt Apr 23 2019 3:11:18 PM
Not good for Retailers

chander prakash pal Apr 23 2019 3:10:24 PM
Very Bad IPO ........

Hem raj Apr 23 2019 12:29:44 PM
I think this IPO is not good for retail investors as RVNL and Polycab

aziz Apr 23 2019 12:10:39 PM
i think valuation is high

admin Apr 23 2019 10:55:32 AM
Latest GMP updated in IPO GMP section.