GMP and Other Discussion for Sona Hi Sona Jewellers (Gujarat) Limited

Sona hi Sona IPO

Incorporated in 2001, Sona Hi Sona Jewellers (Gujarat) Limited is engaged in the trading business of jewellery & ornaments. The company operates from Millenium Plaza, Vastrapur, Ahmedabad, which is a well-known market for Jewellery and bullion. Sona Hi Sona Jewellers has three brands, namely, Freya, Jinash and Sona Hi Sona. The company operates primarily in Freya and Jinash brand name.

Under the Freya brand, the company deals in antique Jewellery & ornaments. Jinash brand of the company is known for American Diamond (AD) Jewellery. The company designs the jewellery and get the job-work finished either in-house or from outside (3rd party).

The product catalogue of the company includes Gold Jewellery studded with or without stones. It also includes variety in Gold Jewellery to match regional tastes. The company also offers customization options to design Jewellery as per customer needs.

Besides, the in-house brand Jewellery, Sona Hi Sona is also engaged in the wholesale trading business of other branded Jewellery.

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