CSB Bank Limited IPO GMP

oldest private sector banks in India with a history of over 98 years, and a strong base in Kerala along with significant presence in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Maharashtra. We offer a wide range of products and services to our overall customer base of 1.3 million as on March 31, 2019, with particular focus on SME, retail, and NRI customers. Bank deliver their products and services through multiple channels, including 414 branches (excluding three service branches and two asset recovery branches) and 277 ATMs spread across 16 states and four union territories as on March 31, 2019, and various alternate channels such as micro ATMs, debit cards, internet banking, mobile banking, point of sale services, and UPI. We believe with our focus on quality of service and nurturing long term relationship with our customers, we have developed a well-recognized and trusted brand in south India, particularly in the states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

Bank has a long operating history as a traditional bank, They are currently focusing on implementing strategic changes in business model to function efficiently as a full service new age private sector bank backed by our new globally reputed promoter - FIHM. To this end, They are re-aligning our organizational set-up for efficiently driving our operations and business strategy, wherein branches will be responsible only for deposits, cross-selling, and customer servicing, and all loan products will be driven by dedicated teams, with each business team operating as a profit centre. We are in the process of rebranding ourselves to “CSB Bank Limited” to address region and community related perceptional issues associated with our previous brand name. They are engaged in lateral hiring along with hiring of new recruits by offering market based compensation with a performance linked variable pay component, including employee stock option plans, which will align our employees interest with the performance of our Bank. We are adopting a partnership based approach for sourcing business for certain products and for select operational functions instead of developing in-house capabilities for each function, which will help us to scale up in a more efficient manner. We are also expanding our products suite, services, and digital banking platform, with investments in technology aimed at improving our customers experience, making it easier for them to interact with us, and offering them a range of products tailored to their financial needs.

Below are Details of Grey Market Premium (GMP) and Kostak Rate of CSB Bank Limited IPO.Please note GMP is only work when subscription figure is high.Always looks for subscription figure before looking to Grey Market Premium (GMP).Grey Market Premium (GMP) may go up or down depend on Subscription figure.Subscription figure is available on Home page for main line IPO and SME page for SME IPO.

IdGrey Market PremiumKostak RateRate Date
21860-65 Rs200 Rs03 Dec 2019
21560-65 Rs200 Rs02 Dec 2019
21360-65 Rs20029 Nov 2019
21270-75 RsNILL28 Nov 2019
21170-75 RsNILL27 Nov 2019
20865-75 rsNILL26 Nov 2019
20770-75 RsNILL25 Nov 2019
20660-65 Rs (Subject to 3500)NILL22 Nov 2019
20545-55 Rs150 Rs21 Nov 2019
20445-50 Rs150 Rs20 Nov 2019
20350-60 Rs150 Rs19 Nov 2019

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admin Dec 2 2019 10:01:17 AM
Latest GMP updated in ipo gmp section

admin Dec 2 2019 5:25:19 AM
@Rajaji, Still not. Officially is not out.

Rajaji Nov 30 2019 10:50:35 PM
Today i receive msg from SBI that my lien has unblocked. Is allotment for CSB Bank out?

admin Nov 28 2019 9:40:53 AM
@Raja, Combine.. Retail + Share holder < 2 lakh...

RAJA GANESH Nov 27 2019 10:02:02 PM
@ Admin, thank you. Kindly clarify the 2 L should be cumulative both including Shareholder category and retail or in each category separately

admin Nov 27 2019 8:16:03 PM
@Raja, Yes you can make two application. 1) In share holder category 2) As a retail. But make sure amount will not increase more then 2 lakh.

Raja Ganesh Nov 27 2019 3:35:08 PM
@ Admin, regarding Ujjivan IPO, as per the RHP date, I am eligible to apply in Share holder category. Shall I make 2 applications with the same PAN 1 is in share holder category & another 1 is in Retail category? Will both the applications will be valid or how?

Raja Ganesh Nov 27 2019 3:34:37 PM
@ Admin, regarding Ujjivan IPO, as per the RHP date, U am eligible to apply in Share holder category. Shall I make 2 applications with the same PAN 1 is in share holder category & another 1 is in Retail category? Will both the applications will be valid or how?

jitu Nov 26 2019 8:58:02 PM
my demate account in sbicap security

admin Nov 26 2019 8:12:35 PM
@Jitu, NSE and BSE depend on the Demat account you have. if you have demat account with Angel Broking, Zerodha, Upstox then it will go in to bse. if you have demat account with ICICI Direct , HDFC Security then it will go in NSE.

admin Nov 26 2019 6:27:55 PM
Retail Subscription on the basis of Apps 34.54 times.

admin Nov 26 2019 6:27:21 PM
Total No.of Application Approx : ~ 967625.00 Retail Subscription on the basis of Apps : 34.54 x Very hard to get allotment. Best of luck all.

admin Nov 26 2019 5:40:02 PM
@sachin, Subscription is always live.. It will directly come from nse/bse. Please always refresh on the top button.

admin Nov 26 2019 5:38:58 PM
@dharmendra, Most of ipo filled by qib and hni on the last day between 1-3. As mention by @ipoking

HHH Nov 26 2019 5:34:35 PM
100 plus Khulna chahiye gain 295 price per open

Rajiv Nov 26 2019 4:50:49 PM
I have CSB Bank share from off market, what will be expected listing price?

AG Nov 26 2019 4:48:23 PM
Wow what a hugh subscriptions, Very less chances to get alloted. All the best

Kishor Nov 26 2019 3:10:39 PM

Manjeet verma Nov 26 2019 3:03:48 PM
Sir allotment kis tarah hota hai...?

jitu Nov 26 2019 12:11:44 PM
how to apply in nse via sbi asba method when i apply for any ipo , my application is only show in bse application

Ipo King Nov 26 2019 11:24:28 AM
Dharmendraji, see QIB and NII between 2 PM to 4 PM. QIB min. 100 times and NII min. 200 times expected

Dharmendra Nov 26 2019 11:17:56 AM
Sabse jada shares offer Qib ko 63 lakhs kiya gaya he or usme abhi tak 1 time bhi subscribe nahi hua he @adminji

Sachin Nov 26 2019 9:50:00 AM
Why NSE is not getting updated

admin Nov 26 2019 9:36:42 AM
Latest gmp updated in ipo gmp section.

admin Nov 25 2019 9:50:43 PM
@Anu, Old Online ASBA should be fine. but for offline UPI is require.

Anu Nov 25 2019 6:46:46 PM
How to submit application for IPO? By old ASBA method or by UPI?

admin Nov 25 2019 6:18:42 PM
@Ram, Total No.of Application Approx : 395819 Retail Subscription on the basis of Apps : 14.13 times

Ram Nov 25 2019 1:57:11 PM
Can we get data of no of applications in retail section?

Naresh Nov 25 2019 12:22:46 PM
dont apply based on GMP, bcs it only display but real sauda are very rare. So chances of roll of our money possible.. May loose also..so precausion in applying this ipo.. They are playing big game. Think twise and apply. if not upto mark , remove application.

admin Nov 25 2019 10:04:25 AM
Latest gmp updated in ipo gmp section.

admin Nov 24 2019 3:43:46 AM
@Tejashkumar, It will be added soon. For ujjivan still date is not final. It will be either 29 Nov or 2 Dec.waiting for final confirmation.

TEJASHKUMAR PATEL Nov 23 2019 8:34:55 PM
hi..Why no details availble for Ujjivan small finanace bank IPO? When are you going to upload its detail?

admin Nov 23 2019 5:10:43 PM
GMP is steady.

admin Nov 23 2019 5:07:08 PM
Live Subscription was delay because of technical problem. Sorry for that.

Arvind Chauhan Nov 23 2019 3:24:20 PM
Should we apply for this ipo or not

Naresh Nov 22 2019 5:37:56 PM
Retail 5 times as only 10℅ given to retail. Nii @0.10 times, QIB@0℅, TOTAL 1.2 ℅

Naresh Nov 22 2019 4:09:19 PM
As u say its good bank, so y every year it makes profit loss? any reason? bcs it create mismatching among retailer that "roll na thai jay"

NIMESH ARIWALA Nov 22 2019 1:13:01 PM
Dont mis CSB bank Ipo... Kerala based CSB Bank Ltd, formerly known as Catholic Syrian Bank, is one of the oldest private sector banks in India.. Strong network and well-known brand in South India Significant capital base Established SME business model Major portion of gold loans in portfolio Prudent risk management controls, policies, and procedures. Company Promoters: The Promoter of the Bank is FIH Mauritius Investments Ltd ("FIHM").

Reliance1531 Nov 22 2019 11:29:23 AM
Hello Admin till not found live subscription data why this?

AG Nov 22 2019 11:13:13 AM
Why Live subscription is not availalbe for this Script??

rajesh kumar Nov 22 2019 11:08:37 AM
the price of IPO is already very high. This bank is not working in whole india from its establishment in india so that its scope is very limited

Raja Ganesh Nov 21 2019 3:59:23 PM
@ Keshab, Yes You can apply

Keshab Nov 21 2019 9:31:39 AM
Can I apply IPO through ASBA bank sbi net banking.is it eligible or rejected

Keshab Nov 21 2019 9:29:45 AM
Can I apply IPO through ASBA bank sbi net banking.is it eligible or rejected

admin Nov 21 2019 9:26:14 AM
Latest GMP Updated in IPO GMP Section.

admin Nov 19 2019 7:03:03 PM
GMP is high. check in IPO GMP Section. Enjoy !!