Jhandewalas Foods Limited with its sister concern Hari Narayan Gyarsilal which is 125 years old firm was promoted by Late Shri Hari Narayan followed by his son Late Shri Gyarsilal. Later Shri Bhanwarlal Koolwal took the responsibility of carrying the business forward, he started with the very small retail outlet at Shop No: 35, Johari Bazaar, Jaipur.

With the very small beginning from Johari Bazaar, today Mr. Koolwals 4th generation has expanded their Empire in various places of Rajasthan. By giving a new vision and scope to Mr. Koolwal business, Mr. Rakesh B. Kulwal, the present Managing Director of the company has given the business a new zone and has brought innovative technology to make the product 100% natural for the customers.

Jhandewalas Foods Limited are an FSSAI approved and ISO 22000:2005 certified company committed to international standards of product quality.Jhandewalas Foods Limited products portfolio includes Namans Desi Ghee,Godhenu Cow Ghee, Namans Gold Ghee,Namans Poha, Namans Mangodi, Namans Daliya, Namans Raita Bondi, Namans Papad.

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kiran Jan 8 2018 9:04:07 AM
It will be lottery if alloty the lot.

admin Jan 6 2018 5:57:58 PM
@Ankur,@Sagar Below is tentative Date of IPO. Finalisation of Basis of Allotment - 10 Jan 2018 Initiation of refunds - 11 Jan 2018 Transfer of shares to demat account - 12 Jan 2018 Listing Date - 15 Jan 2018

admin Jan 6 2018 5:47:33 PM
@Sujeet, Thanks for suggestion. We already created Good UI for chatting part. Please use "IPO GMP Discussion" forum for details discussion.

Sagar Raut Jan 5 2018 11:44:41 PM
plz update the allotment and listing date

admin Jan 5 2018 4:08:11 PM
Hello, Today GMP as per Ahmadabad broker is 30,000 Rs.

Sagar Jan 5 2018 3:07:40 PM
Current GMP 21000

Ankur Jan 5 2018 11:55:44 AM
what is allotment and listing date?

Sujeet Jan 4 2018 11:57:39 PM
Admin, You are requested to improve this chating part and capta part, Become very difficult to post.

Sujeet Jan 4 2018 11:55:24 PM
Very tough allotment now

Warren Buffet Jan 4 2018 7:54:05 PM
Current GMP??

Shah Parshwa Jan 4 2018 1:38:50 PM
Subject to price ₹40k Now this makes it interesting isn’t it?

admin Jan 4 2018 11:42:14 AM
Thanks @VJ for Update.

VJ Jan 4 2018 11:03:56 AM
Inc to 14K

admin Jan 4 2018 10:02:42 AM
Thanks Sujeet for update.

Sujeet Jan 3 2018 11:04:46 PM
This will get rock, subject to will get increased up to 30000

admin Jan 3 2018 11:11:37 AM
As Per Sagar. GMP updated to 13500

admin Jan 3 2018 11:05:49 AM
Thanks @Sagar for update.

Sagar Jan 3 2018 10:40:06 AM
GMP updated to 13500

DHAVAL DHINGANI Jan 2 2018 3:27:57 AM
Thank you,admin.

admin Jan 2 2018 2:57:24 AM
Dhaval, Mostly you will get allocation status on 10-11 Jan 2017. refund will be 11 Jan.

DHAVAL DHINGANI Jan 2 2018 1:53:03 AM
Can anybody post about the allotment date and date of refund for this IPO?? Or else from where I can see about it?? Thank you.

ketan d patel Jan 1 2018 11:00:26 PM
Thank you

admin Jan 1 2018 10:49:34 PM
GMP is 10k in Ahmedabad

admin Jan 1 2018 2:38:19 AM
Wait for last day. If subscription is good then go ahead. Currently we are positive for this.

Ramesh Jhunjhuwala Jan 1 2018 12:34:44 AM
Apply or avoid?

admin Dec 28 2017 9:30:33 PM
GMP is 10k in Ahmedabad

Sagar Raut Dec 27 2017 10:41:32 AM
plz update the GMP