GMP and Other Discussion for Silly Monks Entertainment Limited

Silly Monks Entertainment Limited

Silly Monks Entertainment Ltd Found in 2013.Silly Monks Entertainment Ltd is Hyderabad based Entertainment & Media Company with main focus in Digital Media Publishing.Silly Monks Entertainment Ltd publishes the digital content on various platforms such as YouTube, Amazon, Facebook, Vuclip etc.The contents that are being published over these platforms are either created by the company in-house production/acquired through outright purchase or through syndicated method. In case of content which is bought by it, it owns the copy rights of the content through an agreement with assignor and hence the publishing revenue is fully accrued to Silly Monks Entertainment. When the content is through syndication, it shares the revenue with the content partner.

The company is also engaged in movie/content production, celebrity’s social media management, App development, Audio content Distribution, Google Ad word and online / digital Advertising, event management, and live band performances.


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admin Jan 5 2018 4:11:23 PM
In Ahmedabad, No gmp.

SAURABH JAIN Jan 5 2018 2:15:13 PM