GMP and Other Discussion for S K S Textiles Limited

Established in 1982, S K S Textiles Limited. (SKSL) is a dynamic leader in the field of high fashion fabrics. SKSL is a core manufacturer of suitings from natural to manmade fibres specializing in 100% cottons, cotton blended fabrics and synthetic T/R Fabrics.

Management of Company
Mr. Sukanraj B. Shah [Chairman] – is the founder of SKSL. The long visionary in the company with an experience of more than 45 years has from time to time made changes in the infrastructures so as to meet the changing demands and fashion trends of the industry.
Mr. Vicky Shah [Managing Director] – The Son of Mr. Sukanraj Shah, who joined SKSL in 1995. With an experience of more than 20 years in the field of Textiles has given a new focus to the company with his new ideas and vision.

Mr. Sahil S. Shah [Executive Director] – The youngest son of Mr. Sukanraj Shah, is engaged in the companies operations since 2007 and is highly qualified to achieve desired qualities and successful running of manufacturing units at maximum levels of efficiency.

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admin Jan 11 2018 4:34:03 PM
QIB seems confidence in this issue.

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Hello, Look costly. wait for subscription figure.

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Can you told me should I apply or not ?