GMP and Other Discussion for CRP Risk Management Limited

CRP Risk Management Limited is one of India’s leading risk management enterprise.The service include KYC verification, Employee screening, Insurance services and Banking diligence. In a short span of less than two decades, CRP has evolved from being a Background verification entrepreneurial start-up to an Integrated Solutions company with professional management team and international best practices.

CRP Risk Management Limited portfolio is segmented in 3 verticals:
1. BFSI (Corporate) related verification i.e. Retail & Corporate loans, claims investigation
2. Retail KYP check for verity of services including domestic help, Drivers, Electrician etc.
3. Veterinary Division - Poultry feed enzymes, Animal & Fish Food and Other related products

Company Promoters:
Mr Hitesh Asrani

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Rajesh A Shah Jan 28 2018 1:56:59 PM
What would be the chance of listing?? Listing will be up or down??? @admin

admin Jan 22 2018 8:52:44 PM
Last Day subscription figure is average. No. of times issue is subscribed in retail category 3.67 No. of times issue is subscribed 2.15

admin Jan 19 2018 8:28:28 PM
Hello, Do not have any update from ahmedabad broker. Will update once received.

Sagar Raut Jan 19 2018 3:46:55 PM
ANy update about GMP