GMP and Other Discussion for Vasa Retail and Overseas Limited

Vasa Retail and Overseas Limited IPOVasa Retail and Overseas Ltd (Formerly M/s Vasa International) is an ambitious project of Mr.Bhupendra Vasa established in year 1994. Vasa Retail and Overseas Ltd (Formerly M/s Vasa International) commenced its operations in manufacturing, trading a wide range of stationeries and raw materials in India. Later, the firm expanded its reach in Middle East, Africa, Europe and United States. The reigns of the firm were then taken up by Son of the Founder Mr Bhupendra Vasa, Mr.Hardik Vasa in 1998.Star products of the company are Stationery, Copier paper , Bag fabrics , Wide range of other types of Paper and Paper pulp. Presently, Company has a client base of approximately 120 overseas clients, has top seller tie ups with 850 stores which include Modern and Traditional Retail Outlets , has bagged the contract of tie up with University Of Oxford and has the privilege of being a master licensee for 24 countries which include SAARC, Middle- East and North African countries.

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Rajesh A Shah Feb 2 2018 10:55:00 PM
@admin is it 3upper circuit possible in this market situation??

admin Jan 30 2018 7:40:48 AM
Min. 3 upper circuit confirm. Total Issue Size 1,600,000 Total Bids Received 33,05,92,000 No. of times issue is subscribed in retail category 246.88 No. of times issue is subscribed 206.62

nimesh Jan 29 2018 1:05:45 PM
Nice updated......... Vasa good ipo

admin Jan 29 2018 10:45:26 AM
Thanks for update. Here in Ahmedabad we have heard same GMP. keep updated.

VJ Jan 25 2018 11:44:36 AM
Sub updated to 24K

admin Jan 25 2018 8:31:20 AM
focus and vasa good to go sme ipo..

admin Jan 24 2018 10:34:14 PM
subject to 20k. apply for listing gain.