Galaxy Surfactants Limited IPO is leading manufacturer of innovative products for the Personal and Home care industry.
The company’s products have various applications across consumer-centric personal care and home care products, including skin care, oral care, hair care, cosmetics, toiletries and detergent products. Company product portfolio comprises of over 200 product grades, which are marketed to more than 1,700 customers in over 70 countries.

Galaxy Surfactants Limited have a major two category Products.

- Speciality Care Products: This comprises over 155 product grades and includes amphoteric surfactants, cationic surfactants, UV filters, preservatives, preservative blends and surfactant blends, speciality ingredients such as mild surfactants, syndet and transparent bathing bars and proteins, fatty alkanolamides and fatty acid esters, and other care products.

- Performance Surfactants: This comprises over 45 product grades and includes anionic surfactants and non-ionic surfactants.

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admin Feb 8 2018 10:07:22 AM
1662.20 12.31% up.

admin Feb 8 2018 9:56:56 AM
Once again proven go with subscription figure. Good listing in bear market. 1525 Listing price on NSE. QIB subscription was 54 times.

admin Feb 2 2018 9:16:39 PM
@Hardik, Today because of market down. No GMP in ahmedabad. Many Investor ask team to procedure for withdraw application. Hope market will recover on monday.

HARDIK Feb 2 2018 3:04:46 PM

admin Jan 31 2018 8:59:28 PM
Good subscription by QIB. no one can predict listing price because of budget. if market flow is positive then we can have 10% or more listing gain.

Karan Thakkar Jan 31 2018 6:31:59 PM
With the Premium of 185 Rs.

PG Jan 31 2018 4:24:04 PM
What is expected opening ?

GK Jan 31 2018 2:40:58 PM
It's hardly Traded two days normally on listing Day and these Monday rather we saw only LC...After such huge subscription hardly to sell out application because there no buyers...

Abhay Jan 31 2018 2:02:27 PM
Apollo Micro is still trading at 350 above issue price of 275 Nothing to loose for allotees

GK Jan 31 2018 1:30:13 PM
Apollo Micro was massive Subscribe From Both Now check out the price... Really Smile it...Can't guess price on listing day...

Abhay Jan 31 2018 1:01:06 PM
Very poor response from HNI& QIB as compared to Amber Enterprises

Jatin Jan 31 2018 11:36:47 AM
GMP now 45-50

admin Jan 31 2018 9:55:06 AM
@Harshal, 50-50 chance. Up to now subscription is good. it should open positive,

Harshal purohiy Jan 31 2018 9:29:28 AM
Can galaxy open positive evan after budget ?

admin Jan 31 2018 12:42:39 AM
QIB was subscribed 10 times on second day. It's interesting. Tomorrow is last day. Let's see what happen !!!

admin Jan 29 2018 4:54:58 PM
QIB over Subscription on first day. Interesting!

Porinju V Jan 28 2018 1:47:14 AM

admin Jan 23 2018 9:14:17 PM
GMP is 450-470 rs.