GMP and Other Discussion for Angel Fibers Limited

About Angel Fibers Limited 

Angel Fibers Limited is involve in business of 100% Cotton, spun, gray, single yarn since 2014 in Rajkot, Gujarat.Angel Fibers Limited products are used in making socks, knitted fabrics, bed sheets, shirting,sheeting and bottom weightsetc. 

AFL doing business in local market as well as global market.

Below are countries list on which AFL (Angel Fibers Limited) sold their product.South Korea, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Israel, Egypt, Russia, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Iran, Portugal, Spain, Italy

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Ramesh Jhunjhuwala Feb 23 2018 5:35:01 PM
Y der is less sub scription for this ipo ? Not even fully sub subscribed by NII I m positive for dis ipo

admin Feb 23 2018 4:06:41 PM
subscription is not upto mark.. agree with @VJ

VJ Feb 23 2018 3:12:25 PM
Its an Avoid. Even the subscription figures are not that great.

Jay Feb 23 2018 1:17:07 PM
Admin, Whats is your last call ??? Apply or Avoid

admin Feb 22 2018 11:00:56 AM
@VJ , @Jay. Even in avoid condition. Issue was fully subscribed in retail.

VJ Feb 22 2018 10:50:20 AM
Companies in cotton business are not doing well. This is AVOID

Jay Feb 21 2018 11:46:52 PM
Company has made lots of mistake in prospectus and one material notice served to director for non payment of outstanding loan; refer link for detailed information...,-2018#page/17/1

Jay Feb 21 2018 1:28:25 PM
Cotton Seed price is going day by day so it may create tension for company, will wait for final day subscription figure.

admin Feb 20 2018 2:59:02 PM
@raj, market is very volatile. For long term go ahead and apply. But for short term wait for subscription figure. Apply on last day after looking subscription figure.

Raj Feb 20 2018 2:07:49 PM
@admin pls reply subscribe or not ??

Mansukhlal Lalakia Feb 18 2018 11:12:43 AM
Subscribe for listing gain 20% & for long term

Vishalkumar Feb 17 2018 5:29:02 PM
Angel fiber ltd gmp