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About Sarveshwar Foods Limited

Sarveshwar Foods Limited engaged in the business of processing and marketing of branded and un-branded basmati and non-basmati rice in the domestic and international market.Established in 2004 and headquartered in Gummat in Jammu & Kashmir.

Company is selling organic products through this store viz. rice, red rice, brown rice, flours, pulses, nuts & dry fruits, spices & condiments, jaggery & sugar, breakfast cereals, edible oils, saffron, flaxseed, sesame seed.

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admin Mar 7 2018 3:27:54 PM
Yes @VJ company is good. @Rajesh, Apply if you have cash.

VJ Mar 7 2018 2:33:28 PM
Company is good and the issue size is big (50+) compared to previous sme (5-20). I have applied as i feel this company will give good return in the future.

Rajesh A Shah Mar 7 2018 2:30:32 PM
@ VJ , admin Apply or not

VJ Mar 7 2018 2:25:27 PM
High chances of allotment

Rishab Mar 7 2018 9:56:59 AM
Sarveshwar looks like it’s very cheap for a rice company almost like getting an organic company free for the same price. Multibagger in the making

admin Mar 7 2018 9:02:23 AM
@Raj, @Karan sarveswar & uniinfo Looks good. Wait for subscription figure.Be careful when market in bear mode. Apply at last moment.

Karan Mar 7 2018 12:40:29 AM
Which ipo is better among 4 ongoing ipos? Sarveshwar, inflame, uniinfo , east india sec. ? @Admin ? Pls reply Gmp of sarveshwar?

Raj Mar 6 2018 9:50:24 PM
@admin apply or not pls reply