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Macpower-CNC-Machines-Limited-IPOAbout Macpower CNC Machines Limited

Macpower Group comprises of Modern Machine Tools, Macpower Industries and Macpower CNC Machines Ltd.The journey of Macpower Group began with its inception of Macpower Industries in 1985 and from then, it went on to become a reputed company with its brand TURNER LATHE, well known in Indian and worldwide Machine Tool markets.
The company drives inspiration from Mr. Rupesh Mehta, President who has added value, with his experience and knowledge in this sector.
In 2003, Macpower Group started Macpower CNC Machines Ltd., CNC Machines manufacturing unit in an area of around 4 acres situated at Metoda G.I.D.C., Rajkot (India). to successfully target the technology driven customers. Currently, company provides the wide gamut of products with its advanced CNC Machine Series. Macpower, an ISO 9001 (Design) company, symbolizes professionalism, capability and commitment to customer service, earned through independent analysis of company’s qualified management systems.
Macpower is very well equipped with the latest infrastructure & equipments, well-qualified skilled intellectual capital to support the manufacturing of high technology driven machines, that with-stand any amount of pressure. A well-facilitated design and R&D department, which uses ProE 3D, CAD software and FE Analysis, enables a continuous study of the customer feedback and related technology to make the necessary upgradation. With a large number of customers throughout India Macpower has technical centers, sales and service offices in all leading industrial cities of India.
 “Providing the best manufacturing solutions in the order of technological excellence” is motto of Macpower CNC Machines Ltd.

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admin Mar 14 2018 1:45:14 PM
FII entered... make it special.

admin Mar 14 2018 1:33:21 PM
@Kishan, Company is good. listing gain may be near to 10-15%. But Subscription figure is not encourage. wait for 2:45 PM for subscription figure.

Kishan Mar 14 2018 11:32:20 AM
Subscribed or not and grey price

admin Mar 13 2018 7:33:05 AM
Good issue to subscribe. Macpower cnc and tara are good for listing gain as well as long time..