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Bandhan Bank Limited is an Indian banking and financial services company headquartered in Kolkata, West Bengal. Bandhan, which started as a micro-finance company in 2001, received banking licence by Reserve Bank of India in 2014.The banking regulator gave its final nod in June 2015. Incidentally, Kolkata-headquartered Bandhan is the first bank to be set up in eastern part of India after Independence.
Bandhan Financial Holdings Limited is owned by Bandhan Financial Services Limited (BFSL), the largest micro finance organization in India. Its public shareholders include International Finance Corporation (IFC) FIG Investment Cpmpany, Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI), Caladium Investment Pte. Limited (a company managed by GIC Special Investments Private Limited) and a few individuals.
The RBI licensing norms stipulate that a new bank must have a 500 crore capital. Bandhan Bank started with a capital base of 2,570 crore and this has been raised to 4,446 crore as on March 31, 2017.This translates into more than 26.34% capital to risk weighted assets ratio or CAR for the new bank, signifying its robustness.
Bandhan Bank started with 501 branches, 50 ATMs and 2,022 Door step Service Centres (DSCs) on day one. Presently, Bandhan Bank has 3,799 touch points pan India consisting of 893 bank branches, 2,696 Doorstep Service Centres (DSCs) and 433 ATMs, serving more than 12 million customers.
The bank has mobilized deposits more than Rs. 27,233 crore and its outstanding loan book is nearly Rs. 26,378 crore. Bandhan Bank has a team of nearly 27,300 employees on roll.
The Kolkata-headquartered bank has two divisions -- General Banking and Micro banking, offering a suite of retail financial solutions, including a variety of savings and loan products.

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admin Mar 27 2018 9:55:58 AM
Opening at 499. 33% up. Congratulation all investors.

admin Mar 27 2018 6:53:46 AM
GMP is 30 rs. Good listing expected. lets see

H.Goel Mar 23 2018 7:45:21 PM
Should list at 415 on 27th. Further move upto 430 is possible. Hold for long term till 500.

admin Mar 23 2018 2:43:16 PM
@Vishal, Minor correction but not major. Lets hope on listing day market will be up.

admin Mar 23 2018 2:01:18 PM
Allotment started.

Vishal Mar 23 2018 1:05:54 PM
What is the current status, Post the way market is reacting today with US and China issues and everything. Do you think this will affect Bandhan Listing?

admin Mar 22 2018 1:57:09 PM
in Ahmadabad rate is 1000 rs.. Hahaha.. Hold tight who have applied.. Support by subscription figure.

abhay modi Mar 21 2018 9:47:25 AM

Parth Mandani Mar 19 2018 9:05:13 PM
Good subscription figures. Hope for a 7-8% listing gain. Lets see if the market conditions favors it at the day of listing.

Kalpesh Mar 19 2018 6:07:13 PM
Now gmp maybe improve

Kalpesh Mar 19 2018 6:06:10 PM
Now figure comes cool no fear

admin Mar 19 2018 3:33:08 PM
subscription looks cool

admin Mar 19 2018 3:19:19 PM
@Vinoth, GMP will change day by day. if gmp is support by subscription figure then it will be make impact. if subscription low then GMP will not impact much.

Vinoth Mar 19 2018 3:15:34 PM
@shiva: ok thanks

shiva Mar 19 2018 3:13:17 PM
5-7% listing gain possible. But apply only if you can hold for medium term because chance of listing could evaporate if market conditions worsens.

Vinoth Mar 19 2018 3:08:28 PM
Admin, the GMP is 15-20 today. Still low chance of getting listing gain, why?

admin Mar 19 2018 3:02:59 PM
Agree with @VJ but for long term apply.

VJ Mar 19 2018 2:34:27 PM
@neelu - still very low chance of listing gain.

neelu Mar 19 2018 2:32:22 PM
listing gain ke liye apply kare ya nahi

admin Mar 19 2018 2:23:20 PM
QIB just crossed 10x.

admin Mar 19 2018 1:36:33 PM
@BAV, if you are thinking for long term then go ahead.

BAV Mar 19 2018 1:21:54 PM
Admin.. Should apply? I want to apply 2 application.

Kiran Mar 19 2018 11:15:35 AM
brokerage house recommandations

admin Mar 19 2018 9:49:47 AM
Agree with @VJ

admin Mar 19 2018 9:49:34 AM
@Shiva, Shortly you will get page for 'Kapston Facilities Management Ltd'

VJ Mar 19 2018 9:43:01 AM
Long Term investor can definitely apply irrespective of subscription figures. Short Term investor needs to wait for sub figures. However i don't see much listing gain as it a big ipo

Shiva Mar 18 2018 2:27:18 PM
Please open page for 'Kapston Facilities Management Ltd' SME IPO

admin Mar 18 2018 8:12:02 AM
@Rakesh, wait for tomorrow subscription figure. if qib > 10x NII > 20x then go ahead.

Rakesh Mehta Mar 17 2018 4:08:52 PM
Should we subcribe Bandhan Bank or not, for listing gain?? Admin

admin Mar 16 2018 2:08:38 PM
In ahmedabad, Application price is 600 rs.

Naresh Rajgor Mar 15 2018 3:40:56 PM
FII, Financial institute avya. jamse ..bandhan ipo...looks oneof the best ipo in current list.may be more than 20 times..jase..but wait till tomorrow. picture may be clear..

abhay modi Mar 15 2018 1:20:02 PM
what is gmp

Naresh Mar 12 2018 9:55:22 AM
Dear Admin, thanks for providing satisfactory answer.

admin Mar 11 2018 8:10:52 AM
Bandhan Bank GMP In Ahmadabad is 24-25.

admin Mar 11 2018 8:05:37 AM
Dear Naresh, your belief is wrong. In case of over subscription if you applied last, you may chance for allocation. They have system which allocate from all application. If you want to clear just reply that mail. And ask for details of allocation ration and also ask this question. we team done this in past IPO and we get the replied.

Naresh Mar 9 2018 4:16:38 PM
Dear Admin, I would like to confirm that if ipo oversubscribed, then stock exchange will not consider application who have applied on last day. This message is critical as i got the answer from linktime. ill text the same which i got from there.i have applied for hindcon chemicals.Pls find the answer and revert me that is that true? "Please note that no shares have been alloted against application no. 002E003590002110 of NARESHKUMAR BHAILALBHAI RAJGOR, as this application number was not chosen in the allotment process of "draw of lots", held at the Stock Exchange, due to over-subscription, in this issue. Accordingly, entire application amount of Rs. 112000 stands unblocked in your bank account." Kindly clarify the things.