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About ICICI Securities Ltd

Headquartered in Mumbai, ICICI Securities operates out of 66 cities and towns in India with global offices in Singapore and New York.

ICICI Securities Ltd is an integrated securities firm that specializes in offering a varied bouquet of customized services to people. ICICI Securities Ltd services range from investment banking & private wealth management services to institutional broking, retail broking and financial products distribution catering to a hugely diverse customer base. ICICI Securities Ltd services are patronized by corporates, financial institutions as well as successful high net-worth individuals & other retail investors alike.

ICICI Securities Inc. the step-down wholly owned US subsidiary of the company is a member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) / Securities Investors Protection Corporation (SIPC). ICICI Securities Inc. specializes in dealing with Securities and Corporate Advisory Services in the United States and is also registered with the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and operates a branch office in Singapore.


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admin May 23 2018 10:29:34 PM
@Neha, always applied after looking subscription figure. Never applied on IPO which have a low subscription figure.

Neha Apr 5 2018 11:15:24 PM
Hiii maine icici securities k ipo liye the but listing down hui koi bta sakta h ki share up hoge ya nhi

Raja Ganesh Mar 26 2018 3:52:08 PM
Thank You Admin!!!

Sunny Mar 26 2018 3:23:16 PM

Sunny Mar 26 2018 3:23:15 PM

Sunny Mar 26 2018 3:23:14 PM

Sunny Mar 26 2018 3:23:13 PM

HITESHBHAI MODI Mar 26 2018 3:15:49 PM
application subscription is not good.Listing gain mostly not possible.

admin Mar 26 2018 3:06:47 PM
@Raja, You can with draw application subscription is not good.Listing gain mostly not possible.

Raja Ganesh Mar 26 2018 1:40:45 PM
Thank You admin for your immediate response. I'll wait for subscription figure

admin Mar 26 2018 1:36:56 PM
@Raja, if you have already applied then wait for subscription figure. You can withdraw at any time before allotment. from tomorrow to withdraw application you have to write to register.

Raja Ganesh Mar 26 2018 1:19:34 PM
Admin, I've applied for 3 Lots. Looking for a listing gain or short-term gain(1 Month ), Shall I withdraw the application or shall I leave it

UMJ Mar 22 2018 12:47:20 PM
Avoid. Valuations not in line with peers. Will see existing clients go to discount brokers as their credibility and capabilities increase. Prime example being Zerodha amongst others. They will have to decrease their brokerage charges which will result in declining margins. Either way, this price will be difficult to support with earnings.

VJ Mar 22 2018 10:54:43 AM
Apply for long term. Not attractive for listing gains.